My thoughts on the Henry Louis Gates controversy is as follows…

1.   Arrogant  lefty professor who is used to fawning praise and treated with  reverence among younger students and aspiring race baiters didn’t like being confronted by a prole white cop.
 Prole white cop was, in Gates eyes stubborn and obtuse.  This set him off.  Lefty intellectuals  aren’t used to being challenged by people they think are beneath them.  In fairness to Gates, depending on the cops demeanor, I could see myself being annoyed with recieving questions about my relationship with my own home. 
2.  It will be interesting to hear what the tapes have to say.  Cops are taught to never lose or give up control of a situation.  Cops can be bullies and can abuse their power. Arrogant professors are never wrong.  Arrogant professors are never ever ever ever wrong when dealing with a member of the proletariat.  In my view you probably have a case of two very stubborn people.
3.  Race was not a factor at all in the cops behavior.  If anything he probably gave Gates more leeway then he would have given a white guy.  Does anyone believe that the Cambridge Police Department is full of Bull Connors out to harass all of those gang banging Harvard black men?
4.  I don’t dismiss as out of hand black (or any color for that matter) complaints about police misconduct.  I believe it happens but not  usually for the reasons  the Al Sharptons of the world claim.  I’m not a knee jerk “law and order” conservative. I try to take them one case at a time.
5.  In this case, I believe Sgt. James Crowley. I’ve yet to see a single reason why I shouldn’t.  Nothing I have read calls his version of events into doubt.  Much of what I have read has strengthened his version.   Henry Louis Gates on the other hand…not so much.  Gates most likely went completely over the top after having plenty of opportunity to get in his “ YO Momma” cracks and still avoid being arrested.
6.  I admire James Crowley’s  resolve in not backing down.  It can’t be easy for him to be labeled a racist and a moron by a prominent local professor and the POTUS who by default are backed by the media and PC culture.
7.  I watched the presser on Wednesday night.  Besides enjoying Obama flail around trying to sell his shit sandwich that is health care reform, I was delighted to see him have a community organizer flashback when asked about Gates.  From my perspective he knew the question was coming based on how he went out of his way to call on the reporter at the end.  He also seemed prepared to deal with the question.  I had the impression that he had given it a great deal of thought.  If so, what is the strategy?  Distract the country from the shit sandwich?  Overconfident in his ability to deal with race?  The answer was delivered better in front of the mirror then how in came out in front of the cameras?  Perhaps he couldn’t help himself.  Maybe he’s just a dedicated community organizer at heart.
8.  No POTUS has any business making anything but perfunctory comments about a case like this.  This is below his pay grade.  After Joe the plumber and Sgt. James Crowley I don’t think  Obama can afford politically to appear to be bullying anymore prole white guys.  Three times would be a pattern and he needs at least a handful of them to get reelected.  Not to mention the Blue Dog’s (unicorns) in the coming congressional elections.

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