thoughts on blogging

This blog is an experiment for me.  I’ve contemplated starting one for quite awhile.  Every time I got close I pulled back.  I mean, why bother?  Anything I have to say on any subject has been written before.  It has been written better, funnier, wittier and with less grammatical errors by thousands of people.  Anything I write on I could google and find it done better.  I’m not even a writer.  I haven’t written anything meaningful in at least 12 years.  Signing the back of my check counts right?   I read other blogs and opinion sites on the regular but have yet to register a single comment. Every site on my blog roll can count me as a regular reader.  Most I check out on a daily basis.  I’m the “long time listener 1st time caller” of the blog world.  If you listen to talk radio much you know what I mean. 
 With that being said I feel like this is the time.  I’m going to give it a go.  Even if I have nothing meaningful to add to the issues important to me I think it will be personally helpful.  Writing is good for organizing thoughts and becoming a more disciplined thinker.  I wish I was a SWPL elite so I could throw in things like “personal growth” and  “raising awareness” but alas ill just have to settle for “time killer” .

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