Did Big Ben Rape Andrea McNulty?

If you would like to see a picture of the accuser,  go to  Hawaiian Libertarian’s blog.  I’m more than happy to let him do the heavy lifting.  I’d rather not have to look at her aging, scary eyed visage.

Does anyone but the most hardened, man hating feminist give this story much credence?

1. She doesn’t go to the police at the time of the alleged rape. 

2. She waits for over  a year before filing a civil suit seeking (at least) close to half a million dollars.

I’m happy to see in various stories, blog posts and comments that there is a good deal of skepticism regarding her claims.  I think as recently as 5 years ago this would not have been the case.  More and more men are realizing that not every women is a special little princess with pure motives.   Fear of a similar situation in their own lives trumps the schadenfreude they feel for the big shot alpha football player.  

If on the off chance she is telling the truth, I still see much to criticize.  The purpose of going to the police at the time of the incident is not only to seek justice for yourself, but also to protect society at large. 

Apparently for McNulty, cashing in a lottery ticket a year after the fact is more important then keeping a “dangerous rapist” from preying on others.

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