GOP Poker Party

Abe is quite the jokester

Abe is quite the jokester

I found this picture on Mike Rosen’s webpage awhile back.  It is a painting done by Andy Thomas.  It has been used  to show Abe goofing on Obama and everyone having a laugh.  I’ll provide alternative commentary.

A few thoughts…


Abe kind of looks like a wino who wandered in off of the street compared to the more modernly dressed Presidents.  Someone get Abe a comb. 

Teddy seems to be looking over to see if the socially awkward Nixon is laughing along with everyone else.  I mean Milhaus came to a poker party in a suit and tie for crying out loud.

I have no doubt that Nixon thinks everyone is out to cheat him.  He could be minutes from standing up, turning to his former running mate, and telling him; ” You don’t have Richard Nixon to cheat out of money anymore.”

Ike seems to be enjoying himself.  He must have just finished a good round of golf.  Notice the clubs in the back round.

This party must not have non-alcoholic beer.  Why else is George W. not sitting down?

Nice touch with the jelly beans next to Reagan’s forearm.

Just for fun…

…a poor rip off of Roissy… a quick ranking of Presidential alphatude according to the picture:

1. Reagan ( relaxed smile, head of the table, brings jelly beans to a poker party) 

2. Lincoln( he seems to have the room’s attention, disheveled bum look works fine if you have abe’s revered status)

3. Teddy R.( a little bit try hard,would rather start his own bull moose poker game,  bonus points for the potential fisticuffs with nixon)

4.Ike( looks like he could be the host, has a stylin belt, close call with the next guy…)

5. 41( the low back metal lawn chair knocked him down a point, i guess one term presidents get the worst chair)

6. 43( a bit try hard, sit down and drink an o’douls already, appears to want to be apart of the club)

7. Ford( the unelected guy doesn’t seem as engaged, wants to drift into the back round)

8. Tricky D ( he wore a suit to a poker party, he resigned from office,he isn’t facing the table,  preoccupied thinking about his “dead presidents enemies list”)

My only regret with this picture is the absence of Calvin Coolidge( an underrated President) and Warren G. Harding.

I would like to see if Abe’s Comedy Hour could get more than two words out of Silent Cal.  (Poor Cal couldn’t be elected dog catcher in our over regulated, entitled, I feel your pain society of today.)

The one thing missing from this game is a player.  I’m not talking about poker. I mean a PUA.  A natural.  Can you imagine this crew hitting the bar afterward?  These guys are classic “leaders of men” type alphas.  I can count only one definite mistress among them(Ike).  How would you like to have Milhaus as your wing man?

That’s why I regret the omission of Warren G. Harding. His love of cigars, booze, cards and women would have kept this poker party going past The Gipper’s 10 pm bedtime.


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2 responses to “GOP Poker Party

  1. Ed Wilcox

    Why do you think they are joking on Obama?

  2. Eumaios

    Coolidge would have all the chips.

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