Did Society Create a Monster?

A good post by Ferdinand Bardamu that covers alot of ground about societal changes that may have contributed to creating a monster.

I largely agree with him and when I disagree it’s for the most part only in degree.   I also think that Sodini was a bit more atypical, for a variety of reasons, then Bardamu and other MRA’s do. 

Example: Not nearly enough is being made of the fact that he had no friends.  This wasn’t just a woman problem.  His life had spiraled out of his ability to control it, as years of pathologies and neurosis had stewed in a man with no family or friends to help.  No he wasn’t “cholike” for much of his life( much more self aware it seems), but at the end it was a distinction without a difference.

Just a sampling:

Not too long ago, there existed an unwritten contract between men and women in America and the West at large. Men spent their years working at shitty jobs, working their asses off every day and shortening their lifespans, obeying the laws and generally staying on the straight and narrow, and in return, they had guaranteed access to women through the institution of marriage. You think we guys work hard because we have to? You think we do it because we enjoy having our souls sucked out through our assholes? The amount of work a single man needs to perform in order to stay above water is very small indeed – men will only work to get and hold gainful employment if they have women or the opportunity to get them. Most working married men would love to make like Kevin Spacey in American Beautyand quit their nine-to-five gigs to flip burgers, a job that pays poorly but is low on stress. My own father hates and continues to hate his job as a state bureaucrat, but he keeps showing up at the office at 8:30 every morning because his paycheck is necessary to pay the mortgage and feed my mom and kid sisters. As a twentysomething bachelor, my expenses are minimal. I haveno credit card debt, I use public transportation to get around most of the time so I only need my car when I need to make a trip outside my immediate area, my vices are inexpensive, and I spend almost nothing to get with women. Aside from paying the rent and student loans, I have little need for money

Agree completely.  Well said. It doesn’t take much for a man who isn’t concerned with a wife or a family to get by (or more than get by). A guy with no debt and no expensive hobbies can live real well on relatively little. 

What amuses me is how the women of this country and the West don’t realize the role they have in creating men like Sodini. Go back to that Roissy post and read the comments. Almost all of the women who commented in that thread have zero comprehension of what it is like to be lied to and swindled by a society that cares nothing for your sweat and toil, like Sodini was. Well, ladies, you want to spurn the betas of the world and only get fucked by the cads and jerks who make your loins moist? Fine. But the price you must pay is the risk of having a bullet fired into your brain by unstable lunatics like Sodini. And this doesn’t cover the millions more men who will dump their chivalrous pretensions and disrespect you in a thousand tiny ways, like letting doors slam in your face. You could stop this madness tomorrow by refusing to follow your vaginasstraight into the arms of scumbags, and actually live up to your claims of wanting nice guys – but I doubt you will. You’ve made your bed, ladies – now sleep in it.

One of these days I’m going to write about my experience in taking the red pill.  One of the things I learned was most women’s( largely single and of child bearing years)  inability to see beyond their narrow self interest(whatever they think that is at any given moment).  Most have absolutely no interest in what is necessary for sustaining  Western Civilization.  For all of the bleating about being in touch with feelings, most women can’t even honestly give an assessment in what they find attractive in men.  It is the rare women indeed that can take responsibility for poor behavior.  Generally, society or other men subsidize their poor choices.  This doesn’t bother them because women are champions of rationalization.  After all, eternal victims can never be accountable no matter how strong and independent they are.  Plenty of exceptions, but exceptions don’t change hearts and minds.
Read the rest.  Good stuff.


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2 responses to “Did Society Create a Monster?

  1. Ferdinand Bardamu

    It’s actually Ferdinand Bardamu, but the link is appreciated all the same.

  2. Sorry about that. Fixed. Keep up the good work.

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