Don’t Tase Me Bro

A 76 year old man was tasered in  Glenrock, Wyoming, while driving an antique tractor in a parade.  HT Elusive Wapiti

I wasn’t there of course, but I’m guessing 2 much younger cops, could have subdued the geriatric guy in a more reasonable manner.

I tip my cap to cops that deal with scum and solve tough cases.  I understand that they have to deal with false accusations of all kinds and some of the worst degenerates around. 

That said, I’d like to think I am still a citizen who contributes to their salaries, and not a subject to be unreasonably treated.   It seems like many police departments are losing the ability to make distinctions on the seriousness of an offense.  Perhaps this is the natural result of a society that passes an ever increasing panoply of laws and regulations designed to save us from ourselves.

As long as the police are tax collectors for the welfare state and enforcers of every nanny law that “do gooder” politicians come up with, I will maintain a healthy distrust of them.

I miss Andy Taylor.


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2 responses to “Don’t Tase Me Bro

  1. Give me cops like Reed & Malloy from ‘Adam 12’! Those guys were what cops SHOULD be…

  2. Yeah, I always liked Andy Taylor because he just oozed common sense. He never used a sledge hammer when a fly swatter would do. Of course ole Andy didn’t have the crime in Mayberry that major urban cities have but the common sense principle remains the same.

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