Next up on Jerry Springer….Rick Pitino!

Don’t have much commentary to add to this story.  If you follow sports closely, you are probably already familiar with it.  These types of incidents are becoming more common.  I wonder how many times this kind of thing happens, but you never hear about it? I bet, quite a bit.

The thought of Rick Pitino, humping some 43 year old sow in an empty restaurant is pretty funny though.  I guess his place was out of the question since he is married with 5 kids.  A motel in Kentucky isn’t viable either for fear of being recognized.  A “table by the bar” was sufficient.

Looks like those Catholic values took a back seat with this crazy harpy breathing down his neck.

The woman claims Pitino “forced” himself on her.  Pitino says she came on to him.  Boy, who should I believe.  I’m thinking the washed up old broad came on to the highest status male in the state of Kentucky.  Just a hunch.  Oh, and she waited 6 years, after she had been caught trying to extort money from Pitino, to report the “rape”.

This woman should be locked up for a few years for this kind of havoc to society.  I have no doubt that the pussy pass will allow her to walk away with a slap on the wrist though.

She’s not bad looking for a woman her age.  A lot of wear and tear though.  Has “crazy gold digger” written all over her face.  I bet she was praying that one of Rick’s swimmers would kick start her broken down womb.  I’m still trying to figure out if her prayers were answered.  She might not have ever been pregnant, or it could be some other sucker’s. She claims to have had an abortion.  If so, I highly doubt the baby was Pitino’s.  No need to illegally extort when you can legally do so. With this cold blooded predator, anything is possible.

Good for Rick for not paying her.  Bad for Rick for getting himself involved with such a creature.  Read the story for more Jerry Springer moments.

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