Fred Rogers (oil), Professional Woman (water)

A few observations…

There are a whole slew of these soundboard prank calls using various celebrities like Mr. T, Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson.

Some are more amusing than others to say the least.  Many are pretty tedious.  The work of the person using the soundboard varies from call to call.  Occasionally, it works really well, and there are a few laughs to be had.  It works best when the prank caller gets someone on the far left end of the bell curve to buy in completely, and in doing so, make a complete fool of themselves.

I picked this one out, not because the back and forth banter was stellar, but because I got a kick out of the fact that, Fred Rogers of all people, could drive a “strong” and “independent”, American woman to frustration in record speed.  She went from “hello” to “I’m going to the police” in under 2 minutes. 

I’m always amazed at how self important some of these professional, working gals are.  They walk around, with a chip on their shoulder, just waiting for an opportunity to be offended.  They let everyone know, in subtle and not so subtle ways, that they are to be taken seriously and shown absolute respect.  Like an ornery, yappy little dog, they are ready to do battle at a moments notice, over the most trivial of things.  They think if they take  a more measured, nuanced, and less confrontational approach, they will be viewed as a doormat or a soft touch.  Every conflict “resolution” big or small, is taken personally and viewed as a turf war.  Yes, even a conflict with Mr. Rogers.

Case in point:

Mr. Rogers: “Do you know what a pediatrician is?

Self important offended bitch: “Are you threatening me”?

Huh?  Did I miss something?  Does she think Mr. Rogers is gonna go to her kids’ pediatrician and kidnap them?  I bet this harridan is a delight to work with.  I wonder if she provides the eggshells to walk on around her.

Humor, playful banter or light sarcasm fall on deaf ears with this type of woman.  At best you will get a “Rainman” like response to your jovial attempts, and at worst she will hate you forever, especially if done in front of people with higher status.  She will  resent the fact that you are, essentially, forcing her to play along, out of fear of what others will think.  She is suspicious that by using humor you are somehow “getting over on her”.  It’s uncomfortable for her because it’s a weapon she isn’t skilled with. 

This is hardly a generalization of every working women to be sure.  Plenty of woman are easy to work and get along with.  However, It doesn’t take a “Holy Grail” like search to find these types either.  Certain professions are filled with them, while others, have relatively few.  

Perhaps I’m reading to much into this trivial prank call.  I gotta admit Mr. Rogers sure sounds alot creepier then he did when I was a little tyke.  Maybe she was just having a bad day.  Maybe her PMS was flaring up. Maybe her “important” meeting was about to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  That said,  I’ve got one more possible explanation.

This woman, using her finely tuned male status detector, realized she was talking to a sniveling beta supplicator and recoiled in horror.  Mr. Rogers’ weak game didn’t stand a chance of getting through that bitch shield.  After all, we know that women HATE HATE HATE beta males.

I want to thank Mr. Fred Rogers, a fine and decent fellow, for giving me something to write about today.  It’s even more impressive, considering you are deceased.  Well done sir.


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9 responses to “Fred Rogers (oil), Professional Woman (water)

  1. Dude,

    That was great! Mr. Rogers got a rise out of her real quick like!

    As for breaking through the bitch shield, I can’t see why it’s worth the effort to do so.

    Your take on professional career chicks is spot on though. I used to work with them, and that’s how many of them are. They have that chip on their shoulder, and like that old Robert Conrad commercial, dare you to knock it off. Fred Reed has an excellent essay on ‘the chip’. If you haven’t read it, check it out…


  2. Pretty funny alright. Although I must admit if I had some clown calling me up on my cell phone like that I’d be a touch unhappy.

  3. Thanks MM. The regrettable thing isn’t so much the bitch shield and the attitude. Its the laws, regulations and politically correct culture we live in that makes any direct confrontation taboo. This results in resentments and lowered morale. I’ll have to check that essay out.
    EW, Cmon it was Fred Rogers. I’d put aside anything I was doing to talk to such an icon. Seriously though I agree with you. The Mr. Rogers voice is pretty creepy as well when used to talk to an adult.

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  5. Gantt,

    Now that you mention it, any direct confrontation IS taboo! For example, chicks in the office can bash men all day long, yet you cannot CALL them on their BS. It’s the hypocritical, double standard of it all that pisses me off…


  6. Oh yes, women do hate the Beta Males. Though, in this case they were probably ticked off being busy and getting a junk call.

    That was hilarious though.

  7. Yeah I was hoping you would see my ode to the phrase you made famous.

  8. Dave

    Check this out.

  9. good one …that women was as dumb as a box of rocks

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