Brett Favre Unretires Again

Brett Favre has once again announced he is coming out of retirement, and has signed with the Minnesota Vikings.


1.I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t wait to see him run out through the tunnel at Lambeau Field.  The NFC North is probably now the most interesting division in football.

2. I was surprised when he turned Minnesota down a couple weeks ago.  The Vikings are a perfect fit for him.  Great offensive line, stellar running back, and a solid D.  On top of that he gets to play in a temperature controlled dome half the year.  That doesn’t count trips to Detroit, St Louis, and Arizona.  A whopping 11 out of 16 games in perfect weather.

3. Many in the media breathlessly criticize his indecisive behavior and bemoan the fact that the Brett Favre saga is tired and played out, wishing they could move on to other topics.  Who’s fault is that?  I get tired of the redundant coverage as much as anyone, but I don’t blame Favre.  Is he supposed to decide what he wants to do to save ESPN from itself?

4. I’ve never understood the desire to push older athletes, past their prime, out the door.  Should an older athletes’ only concern be preserving the memories of beer swilling man boys, whos life centers around sports?  Perhaps we should be like ancient civilizations, and kill older athletes like warriors who have outlived their perceived usefulness. 

5. Athletes have a tiny window in which to fulfill career ambitions and gain financial security.  Once it’s gone it’s gone.  Brett can’t take 2 years off to mull his options and then return to his desk job.  It’s now or never.  The older I get the more I can relate.  When I was 21, a man of 39 like Favre seemed old.  Now he could be my big brother.  My father could have a son of greybeard Brett’s age.   That puts it in more perspective for me.

6. The fact is, Brett Favre still has leverage.  He is still a desired product on the market.  This allows him to be as indecisive as he wants, and to play by his rules to a certain extent.  Teams aren’t forced to wait on Favre.  They do it because they view him as an upgrade to their current QB.

7.  My only slight reservation in his behavior is not that he keeps fat ass reporters unhappy, or teams waiting in the lurch, but the quarterbacks that are affected.  Think of the litany of QBs that have had their careers altered by Favre.  Aaron Rogers, Kellon Clemons, Chad Pennington, Tavaris Jackson,  and Sage Rosenfels.  This doesn’t count the QBs that suffer from the relocation of the more directly affected QB’s.  That’s the cut throat way of the NFL though.  All of them still have jobs in one way or another, and are hardly in the poor house.  Like I said, slight reservation.

8. Favre is flaky, no doubt about it.  He’s got the indecision of an 18 year old girl.  His arm isn’t as strong as it once was, and he makes some horrible decisions on the football field.  I like him though, not as much as John Madden does, but I like him nonetheless.  One thing is certain, I’m much more likely to watch a Vikings game with him at the helm as opposed to Jackson or Rosenfels.  I’d bet most people feel the same way.


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2 responses to “Brett Favre Unretires Again

  1. Farve might just save the NFL from Michael Vick. With Favre back in, there will be more than just another thug, who is also Black, who is also a horrific, sadistic serial killer in the making, on ESPN and the sports pages.

    Heck, Plax only shot himself. I’m sure he’s a thug, but he’s not a guy who takes pleasure in an animals suffering and dying. If Vick had just shot the dogs, instead of, throwing his family pets to the fighting dogs and laughing as they were torn apart, or sadistically killing the non-fighting dogs in ugly ways I won’t repeat, it might be different. But he’s both a serial killer in waiting, and benefiting from “race men” like Tony Dungee who only care about skin color not crimes.

    I’d take Plax over Vick any day, but the real stuff here is Favre basically bailing out the NFL. NOW the big story is the aging, sympathetic QB trying to make it one more year. Instead of a constant reminder to the White older male fans what a psychopath the big star of the NFL really is, and how many of the players, coaches, and others in the league only care that Vick is Black.

  2. Very interesting take. As usual. I’d be curious, if you get the time, to what you think of what I wrote on the Michael Vick saga here

    Substitute your example of Plax for stallworth and we make a similar point.
    I bet the NFL is hoping Mcnabb stays healthy all year as well.

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