Thoughts on Thoughts on a Manifesto

The following post started out as a comment on Chucks blog.  He has a piece up regarding Ferdinand Bardamu’s excellent manifesto

I wasn’t planning on writing about it myself, aside from blog comments.  Chuck’s piece got my mind rolling, and pretty soon I had written to much for a simple comment. His post is both sober and realistic.  Qualities I always admire. Rather than leaving a giant screed up on his blog, I decided to expand on it a little bit and just put it up here.  Keep in mind some of my thoughts are original, and some are in reaction to things Chuck said.  I decided not to block quote it because I directly or indirectly refer to much of it.   Block quoting 2/3s of his piece would be dumb when the whole thing is a click away. Oh, and I’m lazy. 

You don’t have to be though.  If you haven’t already, read Ferdinand’s piece, then read Chuck’s, and then read this.  I’m the third stringer.  When promoting good ideas like this, I couldn’t care less.  If you want some original insight from yours truly, check out my hard hitting work on Mr. Rogers.  It’s in the running for a Pulitzer.

1st some thoughts on Roissy…

I think the most attractive thing about Roissy’s message is that it comes from a position of strength and not weakness.  Discussion of  inequities men face, and destructive cultural changes are important, but its nice to read more “empowering” material as well. 

Chuck is right when it comes to his “coolness factor”.  Roissy is an outstanding and creative writer.  Consistently entertaining.  His vibe is of a maverick and not of a loner.  He comes across as an actor, not a reactor.  Roissy is not a VICTIM. 

He isn’t a cheesy infomercial telling every guy they can bang super models every night if they take his advice.  The ideas he advocates for sit on the foundation of a realistic view of human ability and limitation.  A person might disagree with him on any given point, but its hard to criticize him for not being a sober advocate for his point of view.

Roissy is intellectually honest about hedonism.  He has said before that society would crumble if every man behaved the way he did.  He recognizes the importance of broad investment in a  sane and successful society by beta males.  This is honest in itself. I’m not even sure he advocates hedonism per say.  Maybe for like minded men of values, ability and temperament.  He certainly doesn’t discourage it.  I think he advocates for a mindset.  That no matter who you are, what your natural abilities or values are,  you can benefit from a more “alpha mindset”.  Whatever your station or circumstance, having a “beta mindset” is no way to go though life.  He doesn’t  say this explicitly so perhaps I am projecting.   He seems to me to be a fatalist that is going to enjoy himself while the ship goes down( with skills that allow him to). 

If Roissy’s shtick was simply: “I bang hot chicks and heres how you can too” I wouldn’t be writing this.  I might read him for voyeur purposes but I wouldn’t link to him ( hmm I link to roosh…roosh is a guilty pleasure….sue me) or write about his site.  If I thought his advocacy of Game was some gimmick that only 21 year old frat boys could benefit from, I wouldn’t mention him at all.  The reason I link to him, and praise his underlying  message, is that I think it can help individual men, and as a result, society as a whole.   


I’m pretty fatalistic myself.  I think American society is in decline.  Not a quick decline but a slow, gradual one. A decline measured in decades, not years. I’m still undecided about the likely-hood and effectiveness of a beta revolution. (I think the tide will turn eventually due to “Natures Revolution”, but I’m not sure how much influence an organized effort can have.)  However, I think the goal is noble and worth pursuing.  

No matter the degree of broader societal change a movement could promulgate; it can certainly help individual men. If a so called revolution can directly influence 5 to 10% of men, then it would be well worth the effort. If it can help at the margins to bring about legal change, all the better.  If it can influence some “hearts and minds” of  women and “non beta males”, excellent.

With that in mind, here are a few thoughts and suggestions on the “Beta Revolution Manifesto”….

This “revolution” needs a big tent.  Men are more individualistic by nature. To paraphrase that epic tome written by Trent Lott; herding men is like herding cats.  Disagreements are good.  Keeps you on your toes.  Disagreeing to be disagreeable isn’t so good. Sometimes men, in their own quest for alpha status, ironically, will parse, overestimate the importance of a trivial difference, and attempt to  be “the smartest guy(see David Frum or Brooks)in the room” (or on the web). Which brings me to…

Big picture. Big picture. Big picture. Chuck points this out. A focus on broad societal problems, and ways to mitigate them.  A focus on how, and why, beta males have been key to a strong, robust and growing civilization. A focus on both individual and societal improvements that can be made.  Why a society of “cads” is one in decline and a culture of “dads” is stable or in accedancy.

Take the ideas seriously but not yourself.  Be funny, be humorous.  You know the  joke about feminists?  “Q: how many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?  A. That’s not funny!”. We don’t want to get that reputation.  A message that is strong, consistent and unwavering, but one that is articulated in a way that doesn’t scare everyone at the dinner table away. 

Be happy.  It feels good, sells ideas more effectively, and best of all, pisses feminists off.

Don’t be a victim.  Women have the market cornered on victim-hood.  It simply won’t work for men.  It ain’t fair, but its true.  Social, and other Conservatives will never buy into a  movement based in victim-hood either.  This is not to say that I think documenting, commentating and ridiculing injustices that men face should be taboo.  In fact, the opposite. We need more of that.   

Gauge your audience.  With my friends, or people I agree with, I can be pretty blunt, vulgar, full of hyperbole etc.  If I’m trying to convince a skeptic I take a more tactful approach.  I don’t water down my opinion; just the way I deliver it.  Hell, look at Chuck, his blog is tactful enough for his G/F and Mom to read without running away in horror. 

Note: The last three items are not necessarily things that need to apply to a blog.  It can, but I’m thinking more about discussions you might have with family and coworkers etc.  Example: I think the term “ameriskank” is kinda funny and I have no problem using it on my blog or in comments on someone else’s. However, it would be counter productive to use it when trying to change someones mind. 

I guess it depends on what you want your blogs’ purpose to be.  Glenn Sacks has a moderate tone to his blog, for example.  He seeks to influence the “undecideds”.  Some MRA blogs seek to rev up the “base”, to use political terminology.  Others, like Roissy, seek to only tell the unvarnished, brutal truth as they see it.  All are fine and have a useful purpose.

Realism.  The second the “Beta Revolution” starts clamoring for equal hiring practices among nurses and pre school teachers; I’m off to live in Mexico like Trotsky.  I would rather live like David Alexander than be apart of such stupidity.  If and when the major goals of such a movement are realized; its time to ride off into the sunset and celebrate the good work that’s been done.  No 167th wave “Beta Revolution”. 

We aren’t going to return to 19th century relations between the sexes. Women will have careers and pursue alphas and all the rest.  The goal is to stop the subsidies to their behavior.  This will discourage some of their worst excesses and make marriage more attractive to men again. 

Understand the principles of Game and why it works.  Chuck’s description of its roots is one I endorse.  This to me, for an individual, is more important than being good at it, or even desiring to use it.  To be trite, knowledge is power.  Example:  Why does Mystery, goofy hats and goggles and all, have success with women?  Hint: The answer isn’t “American women are sluts”.  That might be why he sleeps with alot of them, but isn’t why they are attracted to him in the 1st place.  I think the correct answer to that question is worth knowing, whether you want to “run” Game or not.  The principles of game certainly help the PUA but not exclusively so.

Modified Game. Perhaps a Roissy like website selling Game to married men and religious believers.  Can someone afford to pay this guy to do it?  I think a lot of men get distracted from Roissy’s universal truths with talk of anal sex, cumshots and other “pornographic” references.

Embrace beta. No, not the swpl, herb kind of beta.  I think some men see the term as a pejorative, when all it is is a realistic view of societal hierarchy. Your station in life may be that of a beta, and there is nothing dishonorable about that.  Your mindset is a different story.  Not everyone can be George Washington or George Patton but no one has to have the mindset of a feminized, de-balled, swpl mangina.

Celebrate Maleness. I’m not talking about the ability to bang alot of women, but other markers of being a good representative of your gender.  Words like loyal, rational, integrity, industriousness, competitive, enterprising, judicious, self sufficient, sacrifice and honorable are rarely used to describe women.  There’s a reason why. 

A focus on your fellow man’s needs.  Men can be individualist to a fault.  Not sure how realistic it is to expect this to change, but at the margin it might be possible.  Engaging alpha males with tales of Paul McCartney and Hulk Hogan might help bring some of them around.  It’s important that they do though, since so many are in positions of influence. This point along with…

Pursue individual happiness  are written on well by Welmer. Men should discuss the importance of a balanced life.  Men need to be more than cookie cutter worker drones who’s total self worth is his paycheck and job.


This is hardly a complete or well organized list.  I got some things off my chest though. I look forward to other commentary regarding this issue and I’m glad FB took the initiative and got the ball rolling.

To conclude…

 As I said, I’m skeptical of how effective an organized movement can be in affecting major change.  Feminism and political correctness run deep.  A lot of people benefit from the status quo.  I’m pessimistic that such a movement can even be formed.  Hey, I’m a conservative, what do you expect?  Effective or not, pursuing such goals will help individual men.  That’s why I am so big on promoting ideas  that deal with the micro and not just the macro. 

Take Dave in Hawaii, he couldn’t change divorce/child support/paternity fraud etc. just by willing it to change.  He could however, work to change his personal life.  He made a choice to not be a sheeple and buy into myths about women.  He choose not to be a victim, and to proactively change his station.  We only have one shot at life and we should work to make the most of it.  That’s why I liked Ferdinand Bardamu’s original piece so much, and said so on his blog. 

Regardless of what happens, we know that society is on an unsustainable path.  Most of us only quibble on how fast it is moving.  It either changes or the world will look alot different in 100 years.  Matriarchies aren’t sustainable, and not very pleasant to live in.  In other words, we know the cause is just, and its ideas will be vindicated…one way or another…


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4 responses to “Thoughts on Thoughts on a Manifesto

  1. sestamibi

    Excellent summary and review of the core blogs of this “movement”. Add a discussion of the “Four Horsemen”.

  2. Thanks sestamibi
    I recognize you from roissy and other places. Nice to see you. Good point, a discussion of the “Four Horseman” wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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  4. betterlater

    Great post. Hope you pick up posting again.

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