Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 2.0

An independently wealthy, newly elected Congressman, far left Democrat, and junior member of the Barney Frank Caucus, went on Steven Colbert’s show and drank some Coors Light from a beer bong.


I would think a man of his …persuasion… would be more adept at drinking from a long hard tube.

When being hip and cool  trump principle and sound ideas, this is the result.  I’m sure the swpl sheeple loved this display.

The fact that Stephen Colbert, a tool of the 1st order, is loved by this crowd, makes me hate them even more.

Does anyone doubt that the most vociferous supporters of such idiocy are young, single, big city dwelling, and female?  I’m sure they all want to be Jared’s number one fag hag.

If you knew how Polis and his deep pockets have contributed mightily to a complete takeover by liberal Democrats in the State of Colorado you would understand my irritation better.

I’m hardly a prude.  Before acquiring a bit more of a refined taste, I was known to funnel Natural Light into my belly as fast as my friends could pour it in.  The after effects were marvelous.  The cheerleaders digged it. 

The debauched ways of my glory days notwithstanding,  I’d prefer a congressman act with a bit more decorum and class.  What can I say?   I’m old fashioned.  Like I alluded to here, I prefer a division of labor.


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2 responses to “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 2.0

  1. Oddly enough I just blogged on something like this. Basically, the young female SWPL can’t get enough of either a-hole jerks (Don Draper) or gay stuff (they cheered the obligatory gay kiss on Mad Men playing in Times Square).

    It is total debasement of our culture.

  2. Whiskey,
    I read what you wrote and as always you were compelling. You are on my must read list. Thanks for coming to my humble blog and keep up the great work.
    PS: I know you lived in Denver at one time and would be curious what you thought of it.

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