A Dilemma for SWPL

I had forgotten that the CEO and co-founder of the secular church of the swpl brigade was of a libertarian persuasion. 

I love pointing out the inconsistencies and irreconcilable differences of various interest groups that make up the Democrat Party.  I guess it’s bound to happen when child like Utopian dreamers don’t understand simple concepts like trade offs and incentives. This won’t be the last conflict between unions and environmental concerns. 

For the record, I shop at Whole Foods when practical and enjoy doing so. Preferably late at night, after all of the self important do gooders saving the planet have gone home.

HT: Half Sigma


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7 responses to “A Dilemma for SWPL

  1. Whole Foods? That’s practically like shopping at the company store of the Democratic National Convention!

    Having said that, I occasionally drop by for fresh vegetables and cheap imported wines, despite the rather oppressive air in there.

  2. lol yeah exactly Nova. I’m surprised they don’t sell arugula with Obama’s name and visage on it.
    It’s one of a few items on the swpl list I am in accordance with. They have some good stuff though. Knowing that I agree with the CEO on many economic issues helps a lot.

  3. SWPL knows no political bounds (that’s why they call it SWPL instead of Stuff White Liberals Like, or something like that). Focus on the Family is definitely SWPL just like Obama.

  4. sestamibi

    “I love pointing out the inconsistencies and irreconcilable differences of various interest groups that make up the Democrat Party.”

    This is a very important point for those nitwit analysts and their schadenfreude over the impending demise of the GOP. What do they think is going to happen after the Republican party is gone? Everyone’s going to hold hands in a circle and sing Kumbaya?

    The Dems cohesion is the result only of a common overwhelming hatred of Chimpy Bushitler McHalliburton. Now that he’s gone the circle will become a firing squad.

  5. Yup, and the far left is really going to have a rude awakening. They are already starting to express anger with Obama in regard to health care. I will enjoy watching democrats deal with these unreasonable utopian fanatics at the same time they try to get reelected.

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