Oldie but Goodie


I’m sure most of you have heard this 911 call before, but I couldn’t resist adding some of my own commentary to this debacle.  I also wanted to give this masterpiece in outlier princess behavior a home on my humble blog. 


My favorite line: ” I’m not leaving this spot and I will call the police because I want my Western Burger done right!” said in hysterical, “crazed harpy” tone of voice.

The attitude on display in the 911 call demonstrates why we have such an over regulated nanny state that seeks to get involved with every aspect of our lives.  I’m sure she votes.  Her vote cancels yours out.  Viva la 19th Amendment!

I know the audio will sound very familiar to all of the divorced guys in the audience.  If you are contemplating getting married, before you do, imagine this voice on the other side of the courtroom in divorce proceedings.

If a hamburger inspires such feelings of personal injustice, imagine what a child support case could do to her sense of victimhood.

Think she would call the police during a domestic dispute?  I’m not talking physical abuse either.  I’m thinking a poorly cooked breakfast by the “man” of the household could cause an international incident.

Not sure why anyone would want to, but I’m thinking “Chris Brown” Game would work best on this woman.  That could be my revulsion and bias talking though.  Don’t try this at home.

When her son is 30, what do you think his life will look like?  The possibilities are endless.  I would say frustrated, bitter, former White Knight or flaming gay.

I see two possibilities to this woman’s station in life.  Only two can explain her gargantuan sense of entitlement.

The Single Mom:  The whole world becomes the single mother’s beta provider when the father isn’t around to perform the role.   Hapless illegal aliens and pimply faced teenagers working the drive up window are no exception.

This call came from Orange County, California but if I didn’t know better, I would have guessed Allentown PA, home to everyone’s favorite single mother.

The Spoiled Housewife:  The princess that lives in a mcmansion, has a cell phone glued to her ear and drives a gigantic SUV.  A woman accustomed to the whole world catering to her every whim.  The Tae Kwon Do reference is evidence of this possibility.  The sheltered, pampered, soccer mom type of shrew.

My final verdict: divorced single mother

I think the spoiled house wife would have called the corporate manager and tried to get Jose and the fat high school girl working in the joint fired.  She might have even threatened them with her husband’s connections. 

The single mother is the type to lash out wildly, in an estrogen fueled frenzy, desperate to resolve the situation.  Again, the government is her provider and protector for everything big or small. 

Since she has the money to send her spawn to Tae Kwan Do and live in a decent Southern California suburb, I suspect she was married at some point, rather than pumped and dumped by a bad boy.

Snopes.com, a website dedicated to ascertaining the legitimacy of rumors and urban legends did some work on this case.  They are a good resource, but I’ve noticed they can be a tad PC in their assumptions.  This case is no exception. 

The call took place and the 911 operator was real, but Snopes left the validity of this incident as undetermined because the lady could have been a prank caller. 

Uh….really?  Did that sound like a prank call to you?  If so, that was a Katherine Hepburn level of performance from where i sit. 

I suspect Snopes was more interested in not perpetuating the entitled princess syndrome, strong in many American women, rather than giving an honest assessment of the incident. 

They have a great website though.  I could write on inane topics from their site everyday for a year and not run out of material.

Final thought…

May I suggest Carl’s Jr. for all of your western bacon burger needs.


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2 responses to “Oldie but Goodie

  1. ray

    When her son is 30, what do you think his life will look like? The possibilities are endless. I would say frustrated, bitter, former White Knight or flaming gay.

    George. Sodini.

  2. heh
    Yeah its possible. Years of appeasing women like he did with mommy in his formative years could leave him all alone when would be girlfriends recoil from his icky uberbeta persona.

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