I am not Happy (or sad) that Ted Kennedy is Dead

Teddy K

Teddy K

I have seen commentary from many blogs about the joy and happiness they feel because the matted and mangy “Liberal Lion” from Massachusetts has gone on to take his dirt nap.

Many have recounted the destructive policies he championed, and the damage done when his advocacy was successful.  I agree wholeheartedly with that analysis.  I am diametrically opposed to almost everything Ted Kennedy stood for.

I guess that means I am supposed to feel elated that he is no longer with us.

Eh, not really. Honestly when I heard the news, I felt little.  No sadness, but no joy either.  Slightly curious from a historical perspective, but that’s about it.

Most of my interest is in seeing how his fellow travelers will use his death to advance their agenda on health care reform.  I can’t wait for the Paul Wellstone like “rally”.  Perhaps they could have Teddy K. embalmed, drag his corpse to the Senate, Weekend at Bernie’s style, and have him vote one more time for old times sake.  “What a moment”! as Jim Nantz might say.

I  have never had the hatred for Kennedy that a lot of conservatives have.  Probably because I am to young to have witnessed many of his antics 1st hand.  I was first aware of Kennedy  in 1987 or so.  I can vaguely remember seeing his wrinkled, puffy red face in the Robert Bork hearings.  I was a wee lad, so I didn’t have a grasp of what the hearings were about.

To me, other than the media sycophants constantly evoking memories of Camelot, and liberal women wishing they could live like a princess in America’s “Royal” Family, Kennedy was just another disingenuous leftist politician.

I understand that a smug and pompous jerk, who avoided the consequences of his poor behavior thanks to family connections and wealth, can inspire a healthy dose of contempt.  The double standards between his professed ideology and opulent lifestyle invoke feelings of disgust as well. 

Is that a phenomenon unique to Ted Kennedy?  Perhaps, but only in degree. 

I can think of 5 or 6  leftist senators in office currently, that I loathe more.  Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, Patrick Leahy and Chris Dodd for starters.

Kennedy wasn’t Karl Marx either.  He didn’t invent the wheel.  Simply, a rich, out of touch blowhard, of middling intelligence, that adopted left-wing politics for career ambitions and salvation for an imperfect personal life.

Does anyone believe that immigration policy would look much different today if Ted Kennedy had never served in the Senate?  Some other left-wing, citizen of the world Utopian would have come along in the last 44 years and crammed similar legislation through.  Same with all of the other garbage that Kennedy had a hand in foisting on America.

Kennedy wasn’t the cause of our societal ills.  Just a symptom.


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8 responses to “I am not Happy (or sad) that Ted Kennedy is Dead

  1. gantt:

    i agree with pretty much everything you said. roissy and ferdinand’s posts struck me as attempts to push the envelope and create shock value. i thought i was in poor taste but oh well.

    kennedy is only barely worse in substance than many senators on the right. yeah, i believe that kennedy probably commited manslaughter, but i also believe that politicians of both parties – mainly the right during the current war – have sent thousands to their untimely deaths through unnecessary warfare.

    kennedy’s liberalism predates senators’ on the right by only a couple of election cycles. i’ve been reading mencius moldbug a lot lately, and i’ve bought into his argument that society shifts to the left – towards chaos – in a near linear fashion. conservatives merely move towards that chaos at a slower pace than liberals. perhaps right-leaning senators despise the kennedys of the world because he is a glimpse at what they will soon become.

  2. Yeah that’s a good point. Lets say you could go back to 1963 and drag the “liberal cub” into the present. Would his policy positions of that time be all that different than many Republican Senators of the current day?

    In fact, he would be to the right of many moderate right of center politicians. I’d be closer to Ted Kennedy circa 1963 than I would Susan Collins in 2009.

    I think a leftward shift is almost inevitable in a country of so much “diversity” and wealth.

  3. as mencius writes (http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.com) power is obtained through chaos. an orderly society leaves very little room for upward mobility of power-seeking groups, therefore, the constant leap-frogging of elected officials follows the path of chaos – leftward movement. under the guise of liberty and democracy, leftist groups start becoming more mainstream as the framework shifts.

    yes, i’m sure 1963 Ted Kennedy opposed abortion, but the 2009 version supported it because the frame had changed and aligned with his power center.

  4. There is no reason he could not continue to vote. Voting while dead is a time honored practice in the Democratic party, and everyone knows how “he would have voted” if he were alive. And we don’t want Mass to have only one liberal Senator. Taxation without representation and all that.

    I also believe Byrd has been dead for a few years now. They wheel his body out of the refrigerator for a few minutes at a time for important votes and then put him back.

  5. Chuck,
    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to check it out. From what you say it sounds like something I would be inclined to agree with.

    Byrd should have retired 20 years ago. Its pretty pathetic how these guys think they are so vital to the country that they have to stay around until they are senile and unable to perform day to day duties.. I include Strom Thurmond in that criticism as well.

  6. perform day to day duties? Byrd can’t perform day to day bodily functions.

  7. lol got me on that one. Perhaps Depends could make a new and improved Senatorial Diaper. The Bobby Byrd Special. They would make a killing with all of these old duffs staying around so long.

  8. anon

    Senators/reps cannot even find “time” to read legislation up for vote rather than actually write it I believe. Simply championing the disastrous 1965 immigration and naturalization act makes him no less a party to treason than those who were involved in the drafting. The man was a traitor through and through. Any attempt at exoneration is futile.

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