Marilyn Monroe 2.0

A recent ad campaign from a company hawking  yogurt in Brazil, features BBWs ( I use the term loosely), recreating iconic poses from American Cinema.

Naturally, most of the commentary I found around the web was hand wringing about the message it sends to women.  I even managed to find some men that think these pictures are better than the originals.  I kid you not. 

I think I could write a 2000 word rambling analysis of this topic with ease.  The bad jokes and cringe inducing puns would flow like….ah forget it.  To easy.  I don’t have the heart.

I’ll simply leave you with the tag-line…

“Forget about it. Men’s preference will never change. Fit Light Yogurt”

Hey, I’ll take wisdom wherever I can find it.  Even if it comes from yogurt ads in Brazil.


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6 responses to “Marilyn Monroe 2.0

  1. It’s a mean-spirited campaign. There’s no need for that, really. Not a comment on your posting it, just the original ad — really uncalled for.

  2. “Forget about it”

    I don’t get it. Forget about what? About trying to lose weight so you are healthier and happier? Or forget that men prefer healthy fertile-looking women, not ones that are roughly the size of a barge?

    This is just like an ad selling a get-rich quick scheme to street bums, subtitled “forget about it, women’s preferences will never change”.

  3. PS the second “american beauty” pic isn’t half bad. And I go for the skinny runner physique.

  4. I think the ad means ” forget about rationalizing being fat, men will never like it better than a skinnier model”
    EW, I like your comparison to the street bum. Apt.

    I think the ad would be less strident if they had used 300 pound morbidly obese women. The women they show, especially american beauty lady, are pretty typical of many physiques you see, especially in America. Many more women of that size to take offense to it.

    Advertising agencies do anything to move product. The word “amoral” fits them to a tee. I’ve seen worse than this though. Luckily I don’t watch much TV so I avoid most of the mind numbing drivel that ad agencies produce.
    Not sure if I would go as far as you in calling it mean spirited. The reason i posted it was because the tag line is true. Men do prefer slender women within a certain range. A crass ad might not be the perfect place to point out this eternal truth, but its true nonetheless.
    I will say though, that if I was a yogurt barren this is probably not a direction I would have gone in.

    I also liked the MM picture. All the big girls of today want everyone to think that MM was the shape of the lady in the picture. Not quite. It also is an illusion to how much fatter american women are today than 50 years ago.

    I’m not going to break it down roissy style with waist/hip ratios and the like, but I do think the increase in overweight women is a problem for men, and for health in general.

  5. “It also is an illusion to how much fatter american women are today than 50 years ago”

    This is a resounding yes. The BMI of the average woman in the 50s was around 20 or 21. Today, it’s up in the neighborhood of 26 or 27.

  6. Yeah its funny how in a culture that is more sex obsessed, with much more focus on skinny bodies with less clothing on them, we have seen such a change from 50 years ago.

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