Classic Links

I have always enjoyed Elusive Wapiti’s “Friday Roundup”, where he links to various stories that have caught his eye throughout the week. 

It got me thinking about doing something similar with regard to men’s issues.  At first I considered a “Week in Review” for issues that affect men legally, personally, and sexually among other things.  After some more thought, I decided that this concept would be excessively redundant.  There isn’t enough material out there from a weeks time frame to offer up anything most of us haven’t already read or heard about.

Instead, I settled on offering “Classic Links”. Contributions of note that get lost in the shuffle as weeks and months pass by.

I have been reading MRA, PUA, Game, MGTOW etc. for over three years and have only recently decided to start my own little blog.  Over that time, I have read all sorts of good things by many people that get forgotten about, rarely to be read again.  I figure that because of the sheer volume of what has been written; this is a concept that will never run out of material to keep it going.

Like everyone else who blogs, I only have a limited amount of time to put into this, and am unable to spend hours perusing archives for insightful blasts from the past.  If you remember something you have read that deserves a second look, please feel free to link it in the comments section.  Also, if you want something you have written to be linked by this blog of tremendous influence and importance, feel free to link that as well. 

I’m only going to post 3 to 5 a week to make continuing this effort as easy as possible.  I’ll try to do it toward the end of every week, so the millions of people that come here will know when to look for it.

When perusing I give bonus points for…


Men’s Personal Improvement

Crazy Deranged Rants

Provocative Theories and Ideas

Insightful Analysis


This weeks offering includes…

Ricky Raw on how to become a Renaissance Man from January of 2009

Eternal Bachelor discusses the horror of a dearth of female gamers from October of 2006

Roissy explores the link between male papooses and the decline of Western Civilization from August 2007

Welmer’s thoughts on personal happiness for men from May of 2009

Ganttsquarry breaks down a poker party of ex Democrat Presidents from August 2009


What, you thought I wouldn’t link myself?  Clearly you don’t know me well enough.  Props to you if you spotted it, Sesame Street style, and knew it was the link that did not go with the others.

If you can think of any other gimmicks that can make the job of adding new material easier, please let me know.  It has to be a good one though.  I happen to like the idea of “Classic Links”.


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3 responses to “Classic Links

  1. please see my blog

    eq with denise on wordpress.

    • Not exactly what I had in mind. I bet you knew that when you commented though huh. It’s not my style to censor, so your self serving link will stay here for eternity.

      Unlike many feminists, I welcome differing points of view. Would have been nice if you had offered one instead of simply linking your blog.

      Next time, if you feel you have an insightful piece, something you have written, not just a blog link, feel free to post it. I’ll let my legions of devoted followers judge it for themselves.

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