Hitler Finds Out…

 Given Wisconsin’s heavy German population, I’m not surprised that Hitler is a big Packers fan.

The scene that is used in this video come from Downfall, a  German movie about Hitler’s last days.  The film is outstanding.  Cannot recommend it highly enough.  

This footage has been used to show Hitler’s  passion about bloggers, political movements, Michael Jackson and video games.  The scene is also one of the most powerful in Downfall.  I worry that the next time I watch it, it will be tainted by images of Brett Favre, Little Green Footballs, and World of Warcraft.

Not much I can do now though.  The damage is done.  In fact, I have come up with a few more ideas that someone more enterprising than myself could use.

In no particular order…

Hitler finds out that Roissy is Gaming Eva Braun

Hitler finds out that Mystery has a child

Hitler finds out that Andrea Dworkin has died

Hitler learns that his passion for trains is shared by David Alexander

Hitler is told that Lady Raine has shut down her myspace page

Hitler realizes how much he HATES HATES HATES beta males

Hitler learns that Roissy has named him “Beta of the Month”

Hitler finds out that Jon Stewart is Jewish

Hitler learns that Eva Braun has been seeing Roosh in a hostel in Berlin

Hitler learns he is not his babies daddy

Hitler is not happy about his score on Roissy’s Market Value Test

Hitler finds out that “Cash for Clunkers” is over

Hitler expresses his feelings about Tucker Max

Hitler isn’t a big fan of the “Cougar” phenomenon

Hitler learns that Ted Kennedy has died

Hitler learns that Eva Braun trimmed her Glorious Natural Pelt

Hitler is not a fan of Game or its proponents

Hitler takes Himmler to task for calling him a Herbus Maximus

Hitler learns that the Autobahn is not eligible for stimulus money

Hitler gets banned from Feminsting

Hitler finds out that people are using his likeness on You Tube


I would be interested in any ideas you might have as well…


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4 responses to “Hitler Finds Out…

  1. EW,
    I know i was reading you 9 months ago, I don’t remember your Hitler video. Funny one though.

    Hitler certainly has a wide variety of interests it seems.

  2. Extending the Hitler theme: Having unprotected sex is akin to getting f*cked by Hitler.

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