Dirk Nowitzki: MVB of the NBA

I think Dirk Nowitzki is exhibit A in the case against money, and even fame, equating alpha status.

Dirk Nowitzki is a 31 year old, multiple time NBA All Star forward with the Dallas Mavericks.  He has played in the Olympics and the NBA Finals.  His salary in 2009 was over 18 million dollars.

Cristal Taylor, his former fiance, is a 38 year old black cougar, with a lengthy criminal record that goes back a decade.  She has been convicted of various financial crimes, and has a history of using fake identities.  She was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison for parole violations.

Sounds like a perfect match huh.  After she was arrested at  Nowitzki’s house in May, she told everyone that she was carrying his child and they were planning to get married.  You might find it shocking to learn, given Miss Taylor’s impeccable reputation, but she was lying. It turn out she wasn’t pregnant at all.  I think I could feel Dirk’s sigh of relief 600 miles away.

Some thoughts…

Dirk clearly misses his wingman, Mr. Steve Nash.  I can’t believe the two time MVP would have let his friend get caught up in such a situation.  I’m only half joking.  According to some of the news reports, Dirk’s relationship had caused some turmoil with his family and teammates.

My translation: Teammates lost respect for the de facto leader of the team/slumpbusting German, and teased him mercilously about it.  Dirk went White Knight extraordinaire, defended his princess, and the tender feelings he had for her.  His family, especially the female members, smelled jock sniffing gold digger a mile away.  The end.

I am not exactly G Manifesto, but I could hit a bar( or county jail) tonight, and take home a higher quality woman than Dirk, a wealthy professional athlete.  That isn’t a reflection on my stellar Game, but an indication of how lowly Dirk Nowitzki’s is.

Memo to Dirk: ( sorry for the Jim Rome reference) You can find a woman that you feel all those warm and special feelings for, that is 10 (15) years younger, better looking, of much better character and sans a criminal record.  I know its hard to believe.  I’m sure you had wonderful “chemistry” and were “soul mates”,  but really, she’s just a woman, not a unique, special snowflake.  The mark of a woman’s “specialness” comes about 50 years down the line when she is changing your diaper, sitting next to your deathbed, and reminding you what a great athlete you once were.  Right now she isn’t anymore unique than the thousands of other wanna be Mrs. Nowitzkis out there.  I hope you learned your lesson. You dodged a bullet.  I’m glad nothing bad happened to you.  You seem like a decent fellow.  Now go out there and find a young lady of decent upbringing, and try again.  Oh, and for the love of Mark Cuban, learn Game.  Geez.  Google Mystery Method.  I can’t believe I have to tell you that.

This is yet another example of the importance of understanding the dark parts of female nature.  Clearly Dirk bought this crazy woman’s story hook line and sinker. Apparently Dirk is more naive than your typical 31 year old beta who puts women on a pedestal. 

Beta is an understatement.  does the German upbringing have anything to do with this?  I ask that question seriously.  I don’t know.

Another quick question.  What kind of message does this send to women of middling looks and station in life?  Do women think, if they hold out, or put themselves in the right position, they too have a chance to hit well above their weight in snagging a mate?

One story of a criminal and crazy Cinderella isn’t going to influence the masses of course.  Can’t help though.  Most of us agree on the trend of women holding out (for a variety of reasons),  humping above their weight class, only to settle with betas or cats down the line.  Much of the disagreement is in evaluating the severity and ramifications of the changing dynamics in male/female relations.

I can think of a few reasons why athletes, particularly of Nowitzki’s stature, should have a better understanding of the dark parts of female nature than your average cube dweller…

1. A lack of oneitis.  Nothing like options to spot flaws and signs of trouble that linger below the surface.

2. Higher market value.  It would be hard for a man of Dirk’s stature to find a women with higher market value.  This translates into leverage.  This of course is tied in with oneitis.

3. Working closely with men of similar high status.  Nothing like peer pressure to keep the freaks and fuglies away(or at least away from serious commitment).  Even a rich “Master of the Universe” doesn’t have this kind of closely knit, intense, youthful locker room pressure.  It’s unique to the athlete.

4. A close proximity to horror stories.  The Duke lacrosse case or the Big Ben story hit much closer to home for the athlete, than for your average guy toiling away in a cube. 

5. Seeing the machinations of pathetic, jock sniffing groupies on the regular.  Watching desperate women is the quickest way to wipe away any illusions about the feminine mystique.

6. Agents and league officials giving seminars and lectures on the dangers of being a pro athlete.  Blackmail and all sorts of other potential horrors that can come with a life of fame and fortune.`

7. In Dirks case, being around black guys.  This deserves its own post, so I won’t dwell on the reasons here.   For now I will leave you with an anecdote that demonstrates my point.

Tony Banks,  A former NFL quarterback, had a brief relationship with this same nutburger back in 1997.  Keep in mind that Banks was a mediocre, mostly back up quarterback, without the stature of Nowitzki.  Banks is black, and was only 24 years old at the time of his encounter. 

A couple choice quotes…

“She called me and wanted to see me; I said, ‘No.'” Banks told The News. “She sent me her picture in the mail and she was just gorgeous. Me being a kid, thinking I was the best thing since sliced bread, I gave her a call and ended up dating her.”


“I remember she camped out in front of my crib one time when I had another female friend in town,” Banks told The News. “She [Taylor] wasn’t too happy about that.”


“I just remember the team security guy got involved,” Banks told The News. “She ended up having a bunch of aliases, she was living with some police officer or something.”


“I can’t believe she got as far as she did with Dirk, to be engaged,” he told The News. “Sometimes it’s hard for people to believe that women can be that malicious. But there’s a story here that has touched a lot of athletes and could have done some damage.”

The black, 24 year old Banks, with less experience, options, and stature, managed to suss out that this woman “had fallen out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down” a bit faster than the pasty Dirk Nowitzki.

Of course this is only an anecdote.  Taylor might have improved her con game after 10 years of practice.  The black/white difference might not mean a thing.  However, I have found that black guys are less likely to commit to a conniving women than white guys.  I also realize that this could be because they are more unlikely to commit, period. 

I don’t bring this up because I think white men should mimic blacks.  Far from it.  Black men have their own litany of problems in their dealings with the opposite sex. 

I only mention it because I would think that some of  black men’s jaded and cynical attitude about women would have rubbed off a bit on Dirk.  I am not approving of it, simply stated what I think to be reality.  This deserves another post to explain the many reasons why I think that is the case, with limitations and exceptions of course.

One quick point though.  I think most black men have a very strong Madonna/Whore complex and I have no doubt that Cristal Taylor would have fit the latter to a tee.  The Madonna is your momma, the Whore, a pump and dump on a road trip.  Hence the backlash from Dirk’s teammates.

Feel free to disagree with my hypothesis, but keep in mind that it is very limited in scope and not necessarily celebrated either.


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4 responses to “Dirk Nowitzki: MVB of the NBA

  1. God I hate Dirk. Being a Texas Boy, the Mavs are my team. There’s something about Dirk where he can have a 40, 12, 8 night and still look like shit. *And* still lose the game. I’ll never forget the series with the GS Warriors a couple years ago; that forever cemented Dirk as Beta of the League to me.

    • Yeah I remember in the playoffs this past season I thought the Nuggets had pretty well shut him down and I looked at his line and it was something like 32 11 and 6 if I recall correctly. It certainly didn’t “feel” like that good a line.

      I remember that series well. A fun one to watch because of the Nellie/Cuban fued. Yeah Dirk played horrible.

  2. dude

    What a ridiculous article full of an author pontificating without any insight. You don’t have a clue about what went on in/out/beside dirks life or the team.

    I always find it hilarious when someone outside a situation thinks they have any insight at all.

    What garbage… You just wasted 5 minutes of my life.

    • Thank you for conferring author status on to me. That ones news to me me. I’ll add it to “international arms dealer” and “hedge fund manager” on my resume.

      Do you ALWAYS find it hilarious? If so, you should come back more. You will be rolling on the floor laughing. I pontificate on all sorts of situations that I am outside of. My life is pretty dull. If I only commented about it, I wouldn’t have much to write about.

      It took you a whole 5 minutes to read my ramblings?

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