Terrorists, Acorn, Road House, and Dumpster Diving

You would think that the city of Denver, and the State of Colorado, would be pretty far down the list with regard to terrorist hot spots.  If this story is true, it would be more evidence of that being an incorrect assumption. (The fact that I haven’t seen a white taxi cab driver since 1997 might be another clue, but thats another matter.)

Fittingly, Whiskey recently wrote about Sayyed Qutb, an influential radical Sunni Muslim, who was executed for his extremist activities by the Egyptian government in 1966.  His brief stay in Greeley, Colorado, in the late forties, played a large role in developing his ideology.  I’ll repeat that: Greeley, Colorado. In 1949.  Not Manhattan. Not Los Angeles. Not San Francisco.

To demonstrate Qutb’s importance, Ayman al-Zawahiri, a fellow Egyptian, and Bin Laden’s chief deputy, studied in Saudi Arabia under his brother, and fellow traveler, Muhammed.  Osama bin Laden himself, admired, and was acquainted with Mohammed Qutb.  As Whiskey said, this info can be found in Lawrence Wright’s book The Looming Tower.

Do we have Greeley, Colorado, circa 1950, to blame for Al Qaeda?  Well that would be silly and simplistic of course, but I find the link fascinating nonetheless.  I think this antidote goes to show that people who believe in this ideology won’t be satisfied with the absence of Israel and American military bases from their lands. 

Occasionally, I drive through the town of about 100,000, and think about this weird connection.  Today, Greeley’s (a town that is about 50 miles Northeast of Denver) biggest claim to fame is a small college, and a large meatpacking presence. 

The deleterious influence of illegal aliens (and the increasing gang activity that goes with it)on the town, means that Mexico and Central America are of more concern to residents, than Egypt and the Middle East.

Well, that is, until recently.  I guess Somalis are now doing the jobs that Americans, and increasingly, Mexicans won’t do.

a couple links on this recent trend…

A warm and fuzzy article about the joys and difficulties of assimilation.

blog post from Gates of Vienna has a bit different POV.


Today, while walking through the lobby of a building downtown, I happened to catch some news coverage from CNN.  The volume was low, but I could see from the graphics that the reporter bimbo was interviewing a member of the Congressional Black Caucus about the infamous Joe Wilson outburst. 

Ya know, the guy that yelled out, “You lie!”, to Barrack Obama, in the middle of his speech before Congress.  Probably one of the most important issues the Republic has ever faced. 

I only saw about 20 seconds worth of coverage, but from what I could gather, the Congressman supports the death penalty for Wilson. 

Anyway, I contrast this, with the coverage, or lack thereof, of the brewing Acorn scandal.

Ya know, the story about members of Acorn, a virtuous and selfless community organizer group, being caught on tape giving advice about how a pimp could successful get away with running a child prostitution ring and avoid paying taxes.  That one.

A group by the way, that receives public funding, and has until recently, been in line to help with the 2010 census.  A group that engages in voter fraud, and judging by the videos, a lot of other illegal activity.

On the surface, this story should be right up the mass medias alley.  Two young people, in their early 20’s, secretly video taping an organization that doesn’t hesitate to aid and abet child prostitution, illegal immigration, sex slavery, tax evasion and fraud.  Sounds pretty juicy to me.  Almost as juicy as a search for a dead blonde girl’s killer.

The sage from ABC, Charlie Gibson, didn’t even know about the story.  Hadn’t even heard of it until today.  Hey Charlie, after you tell me about the Bush Doctrine, why don’t you get on your computer and go to the Drudge Report.  He doesn’t work for the New York Times, so you may have to put it in your search engine.

Slightly off topic question: Should I be surprised that all of the amoral cretins caught on video so far have been female?  Hmm…maybe, maybe not.

I won’t bore you with why I think the Acorn story is being buried by most of the media, or why they choose to run around the clock Joe Wilson coverage.  I have also decided not to give the answer to the question of what 2+2 equals either. 

I’m gonna evoke memories of Matt McConaughey in, A Time To Kill, though.  Close your eyes and imagine the group under fire is Club for Growth.  Convincing huh.  Even Barack Obama wouldn’t be able to preempt wall to wall coverage of tough-minded journalists stalking Grover Norquist and his beard.

To conclude, talk of media bias is boring.  It’s been documented time and time again.  Only the clueless or disingenuous deny it exists.  It’s also gotten better.  Traditional media is like a dinosaur gasping for its final breath after the asteroid of Internet and talk radio hit.  Suffice it to say, this won’t be a regular feature here.

Television is a lazy and inefficient way of getting news anyway.  Reading allows for more depth and variety, in far less time.  Except for breaking news, or events where actually seeing it happen is crucial for understanding, TV news is worthless.   I’m thinking of speeches or 9/11 style events. 

Oh and one other thing: hurricanes.  Who would want to miss Geraldo and his ego, clinging to a telephone pole, and all the vital info that comes with it.  Thanks to this brave journalism, I now know that hurricanes are very windy and rainy.


Patrick Swayze died yesterday.  He seemed like a pretty cool guy and I admired the way he handled his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer.  He seemed to carry himself with class. 

He also happened to star in the best “so bad it’s good” movie ever made.  I am talking about Road House of course.  If you aren’t familiar, click here.

In honor of Swayze, and his work in one of the greatest movies ever made, I decided to put up this tribute.  With help from the soundtrack from the movie Glory, it sets the mood perfectly.


I trust that, fellow blogger, and Wichita, Kansas resident, Chuck Ross, was miles away when this sordid event occured.


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6 responses to “Terrorists, Acorn, Road House, and Dumpster Diving

  1. Bought my last car in Greeley. What used to be a really nice ag community has turned into a real dive. As you say, illegals everywhere. They’ve made their way north to Cheyenne too. Stroll into the WalMart in Cheyenne and you’ll see what I mean.

    Didn’t know about Islamists in Greely in ’49. But I agree that we seem to have a curious inability to realize that Moslems don’t want to take Palestine back or kick the US military out of Saudi. They want to bring the whole world into submission. They even look at their recent success in Europe as a sort of “reconquista”, as our Mexican neighbors would say.

    • Ew,
      Funny, I purchased my last car there as well.

      I saw that the last time I was in Cheyenne, but was hoping what I noticed wasn’t a trend. I’ve also heard the same thing about Nebraska.

      “Didn’t know about Islamists in Greely in ‘49. But I agree that we seem to have a curious inability to realize that Moslems don’t want to take Palestine back or kick the US military out of Saudi. They want to bring the whole world into submission. They even look at their recent success in Europe as a sort of “reconquista”, as our Mexican neighbors would say.”

      Yeah, when this bunch is contemptuous of small town, and socially conservative Greeley, circa 1950, you know gestures of appeasement are futile.

  2. sestamibi

    His name is Qutb, not Qtub.

  3. Tarl

    I liked Road House, too. Much better than those damn chick flicks of his that did so well at the box office. =)

    • Hey Tarl,

      Yeah Road House is certainly my favorite PS flick. The cheesy 80s feel and preposterous plot is enough to suck me in every time I see it is on.

      I think Ghost, even though it is clearly a chick flick, is pretty good as well. Clearly Whoopie Goldberg’s finest moment. (Don’t tell anyone I said that though).

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