Classic Links and Bonus Coverage

Alpha Dominance on the importance of reducing stress from September 2008

An anecdote about Amish women and their more enlightened sisters over at Academy Watch from February 2009

Sebastian Flyte discusses eye contact from June 2008

Dennis Prager writes about a common marital problem from December 2008

11minutes breaks down the Madonna/Whore complex from April 2009


I don’t plan on making this a habit, but I thought I would throw in a few links from the past week to 10 days as well.  

Number one, I’m lazy.  Number two, most who read here are already familiar with the bloggers I will link to.  Number three, Ferdinand already does such a fine job of it, it’s not really necessary.  His blog is one stop shopping in that regard.

However, I found this week, for whatever reason, to be especially illuminating in the mens issues arena, and wanted to put my own stamp of approval on some of the stuff I have read. A lot of good commentary was written in the last 7 days or so.

If you haven’t already, give the following a read…

Novaseeker, in typically fine fashion, offers up a twofer

1st, on the problems men face with regard to the liberal, and even moreso, the conservative agenda.

2nd, the unique experiences his generation of men have faced which was inspired by a post written by Welmer.

Luckily Nova is still commenting during his semi sabbatical from blogging. He is consistently insightful, and even his blog comments make for excellent reading.

I think some guys, like Obsidian for example, should just start a blog to house comments they make at other places. 

Not to be outdone this week, Hawaiian Libertarian gives a twofer as well.

1st, on Game as the “red pill”

2nd, as always, he offers up a great read on relationship dynamics.

Ferdinand has a couple (notice a pattern here?) good ones as well.

1st, on sex ratios, and 2nd, a really good analysis of the problems China faces with its surplus of men.

Whiskey discusses a post 9/11 world and also writes about Ashley Madison as a sign of the times.  The latter is worth a look if only for the pics of degenerate brits, and clips from the movie Office Space.  Fun times.

Prime, at Beta Revolution writes a provocative piece about how to talk to a black person.

Elusive Wapiti reminds us of potential…ummm…dangers men face in the dating market.  He’s also moving to the bayou, so go over and wish him luck.

Pro Male/Anti Feminist has an interesting take on how God feels about modern marriage.

Professor Hale lays out his political platform.  Me likey.

Mangan talks about HBD and diet.  A diet I endorse by the way.

False Rape Society writes about another egregious false rape claim.

Marky Mark has a good piece up about the egos of the modern day woman

Roosh has a new book.

The duo at Seasons of Tumult and Discord have a couple pieces worth checking out.  On shit tests.  On pedestals.

Ganttsquarry on his mens rights journey and playing the role of male feminist.

Chuck Ross on weasel words.

Glenn Sacks on Michelle Obama promoting healthcare reform for the victimized women of America.

Anakin Niceguy on MGTOW and the Roissysphere.

MGTOW on necessity and niceness.


A pretty good 7 to 10 days if you ask me.  Feel free to send any links to good things you, or others, have written.  Classic links from months or years past is especially appreciated. 

Now I’m off to watch the best quarterback in the NFL, Kyle Orton, take on the Browns.

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