A Fitting Anthem

While waiting in line at a gas station today, I had the unfortunate experience  of listening to Peter Cetera belt out his hit single, “Glory of Love”.

I found it pretty amusing that a day after I wrote about my first meaningful foray into the world of the White Knight extraordinaire, I was forced to endure the unofficial anthem of Sir Lancelots everywhere.

Unfortunately I had to hear the entire ode to Beta supplication.  This uncomfortable experience was the result of standing in line behind a third worlder purchasing 3.2 beer at 8 in the morning, and a wise, 200 pound Latina buying lottery tickets. 

Note: Lottery tickets serve as 401k’s for our more “diverse” and “economically challenged” communities.  Sage investment strategy!  Beats Bernie Madoff though I spose.  Standing in line behind these “investors” is in my top 5 pet peeves. 

Anyway, here is the video.  If you click away from my blog before taking a listen, you will receive the swine flu virus in computer form.  I want these lyrics to be seared into your brain just as much as John Kerry’s trip to Cambodia was.  What can I say?  Misery loves company.  The song has been in my head all day.  I’m about to crack. For the love of Conor Frederdufus, make it stop.


Repeat after me: We did it all for love. We did it all for love. We did it all for love.

 I took a gander at Wikipedia and was reminded that “Glory of Love” was on The Karate Kid, Part II, soundtrack.

I also learned this…

“Cetera has stated that “Glory of Love” was originally written for the movie Rocky IV and after the song was passed on, it was picked up by the producers for The Karate Kid, Part II.”

Impressive!  I think it turned out for the best.  “GoL” fit Daniel Larusso’s budding romance with Mr. Miyagi to a tee.  Rocky and Apollo’s love affair couldn’t possibly compare.

Lets face it.  Daniel-san was a lower beta.  It became more apparent as the trilogy progressed.  The more you got to know him, the more you hate hate hated him.  If you want evidence for my assertion, click here.

Rocky was tougher to peg.  His status moved up and down depending on the movie.  More on that tomorrow, or, whenever I get around to it.


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2 responses to “A Fitting Anthem

  1. I actually like some of the sentimental beta songs from the 80’s/90’s. It reminds me of when I was a kid (way to indoctrinate the young to be beta’s). I listen to them now and just ignore the lyrics, but also laugh and cringe at times, when I do take notice. For example:




  2. Hi Monad,

    Yeah many of the songs bring back memories of the early 90’s for me. John Secada for example.

    You are right, alot of them are pretty good songs, but the lyrics are beta propaganda. heh

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