Sicker Than a Dog

I am feeling under the weather today so the topic I planned on writing about has been delayed.  I tried. I really did.  I can’t gather my thoughts or come up with anything remotely worth reading.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  Even more than usual though.

I am tempted to take Roissy’s advice and try out some sick Game.  The way my throat feels, one word, and possibly even inaudible grunts, would be about as much conversation as I could manage. My head also feels the size of a pumpkin. 

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting status updates on my deteriorating condition or anything.  I won’t even tweet about it.  I will suffer in stoic silence. 

I will simply leave you with a video I found today.  With all the talk of canines, 1st here, then At Roissy’s, then here,  I just had to offer a contribution to the discussion.

The Roissysphere has certainly gone to the dogs( that was terrible, I know.  Cringe inducing actually).

Do not click if a golden retriever humping a hausfrau offends you.  I’m not trying to turn this into a voyeur blog.  If you are disappointed in this juvenile post, I’m sorry.  Blame it on the swine flu an illegal alien probably gave me.  I’m on the verge of delirium.

I only have one thing left to ask…

Alpha or Beta?


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5 responses to “Sicker Than a Dog

  1. Talleyrand

    The dog is alpha. Asserting sexual dominance over the supposed master species, even if it’s a lower member of said species is an act of supreme alpha hood for a dog.

    More of evidence of his alphahood: No one intervenes to really stop the dog from humping the lady. There are no real consequences for his actions.

    If the dog had been human he would be Omega. It’s all context.

  2. Bob

    It appeared to me like the woman intentionally got in a position to be mounted by the dog. Watch from 0:25-0:35. As ugly as she was, it was probably the most action she’s gotten in a while.

  3. What blog script do you use on your site ?

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