A Short Post About A Minor Irritation

One of my irritations, or pet peeves, about comment threads at Game websites, is a subset of guys who under value women’s looks in an attempt to raise their own status. A distinct minority of guys, but sometimes a quite vocal one.

I must admit that the impetus to comment on this came from a poll that Alkibiades ran yesterday.  He put up a picture of a woman, and asked readers if they would: pump and dump, marry, ltr, F. Buddy, or not touch her with a ten foot pole.  As of this writing, out of 61 total votes, 16 chose the latter.

In my humble opinion her picture didn’t warrant such a harsh vote.  She seems like a 6 to me.  Maybe a bit higher for her age.  For whats it’s worth, I voted for PaD.

Now, after reading The Spearhead today, I realize this woman is a nutburger who had sex with her own teenage son.  Perhaps some of the voters who chose: wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole- knew about this story.

I’m also wondering if men who are against pre-marital sex would vote “ten foot pole” (if they didn’t feel she was worthy of marriage or ltr) by default. 

Can’t use this poll to demonstrate my point anymore.  Obviously some of the voters might have already known about this wacko before they chose. 

My irritation still stands though.  Every time Roissy writes one of his “Approach This Set” posts for example, the comment section has a few people ridiculously undervaluing the women in the picture. 

Generally an 8 becomes a 6( or even less in a few cases), a 6 becomes a 4( or a 3), and so on.  Maybe they take those 2 subtracted points and add them somewhere else.  I dunno. 

The same goes with weight.  Some guys are so conscious about not wanting to appear to be a fatty lover that a slightly chubby girl will be made out to be a hippopotamus. 

Seems to me there are plenty of real “hippos” to be mocked or shamed.  Some guys don’t want to take a chance though.  Better to be safe, and call a woman a beluga whale, than risk redicule by brothers in arms.

Maybe the guys I am talking about are all banging 9.5s every night and a 6 or 7 looks like a gargoyle to them.  I tend to doubt it though.

More likely their bark is compensating for their bite.


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11 responses to “A Short Post About A Minor Irritation

  1. Clarence

    Gotta agree.

    By the way: I rated the lady as PAD or FB myself, with a possible LTR if it turned out she had a good personality. Now that I know what she did it’s “Ten foot pole” for me too. But your larger point stands. I find I tend to give girls on average one more attraction point than Roissy and his readers seem to in most of his polls. And there have been a few where I’ve been scratching my head. Even knowing I’m in my upper 30’s and many men on Roissy’s site think 30 is OLD doesn’t explain the comments about weight that sometimes occur. I think you nailed the reasons why – they don’t want to buck the curve.

  2. Clarence

    Another potential reason is that they know that females read that site, and for reasons having to do with keeping the females insecure they strike at the one thing the culture at large does shame women for: weight. I certainly think Roissy sometimes exaggerates his aversion to certain women and types of women when responding to, say, chic noir. I think he’s unfair and a bit dishonest but he has to seem totally unyielding about weight and what men prefer to keep her “in her place”.

    • Hi Clarence,

      Yeah I thought about age differences and it certainly is a factor. I’m in my early 30’s so I’m probably a bit more forgiving as far as looks go than I was 10 years ago.

      A 30 year old women might rate a 1/2 or even 1 point higher on the scale for me now than she would have way back when.

      I’ll disagree a bit with you though as far as Roissy himself goes. I think he’s usually pretty spot on when rating a woman on the 1 to 10 scale. I might quibble here or there, but I’ve never felt he gave a rating in bad faith.

      A few of his commenters though…

      He takes a pretty hardline stand on fatties because he realizes they makes it even harder for men in the sexual marketplace.

      If you see some of the attitudes slim 6s or 7s have, you know how skewed it has become.

  3. sestamibi

    One way to compare your own tastes vs. everyone else’s is to check out the pix at Hot or Not. . . and don’t just view 18-25 year olds either.

    I find my own scores are pretty much in line with the averages most of the girls get. My preference is for “geeky cute”, so sometimes I’m a little bit higher, and likewise a little lower with some of the more flashy ones.

    Hot or Not posts average scores, but doesn’t show standard deviations (not to be a snob, but most of their viewers don’t know what that means anyway), which is a good measurement of consensus on ratings.

  4. Alkibiades

    I do suspect that most of those voters already knew the woman’s back story. That being said, I thought she was attractive at a 5 to 6.

  5. Eumaios

    The plucked eyebrows gave her away. I prefer a Glorious Natural Shelf.

  6. Generally an 8 becomes a 6( or even less in a few cases), a 6 becomes a 4( or a 3), and so on. Maybe they take those 2 subtracted points and add them somewhere else. I dunno.

    Even supposing that people in the Roissysphere subtract 1-2 points from the average opinion, is that really a bad thing? Part of the mindset of Game requires depedestaling women and viewing yourself as the chooser.

    In his book, The Mystery Method, Mystery suggests that when describing women you should limit yourself to two categories: cute, and alright. No category for hot. No category for gorgeous.

    In this sense, the 1-2 points that are subtracted from an average woman’s looks aren’t added to women. They are added to you. If you’re a male 7, and you rate a female 8 as a 6, then you already have the view that you are more desirable to her, which will naturally cause you to act more assertively and confidently, thereby increasing her attraction to you. As your scale of female attractiveness is readjusted, you gain more psychosocial value.

    However, personally, I would submit that the lower scoring isn’t simply a psychological technique, but is actually a readjustment of a flawed scale. If too many women rate 8-10, then the 8-10 rating simply doesn’t mean as much. By setting the bar for 10 astronomically high, you realize that such a women is actually extremely rare. From a statistic standpoint, it makes more sense that 1’s, 2’s, 9’s and 10’s should essentially be statistical outliers, and that 3’s and 8’s should fall between 2-3 SDs of the average.

    • Hi Silas,

      You make some excellent points.

      I don’t think I was clear enough in my post. I’m not talking about, say 80% of the commenters, at Roissy’s. I’m not talking about Roissy either.

      Just a certain subset of beta wannabes that gratuitously and disingenuously mark down a womans looks.

      If you go thru the comments in an “Approach this Set” post, I think you will be able to see what I am talking about.

      Your comment is spot on though. I agree with all of it.

  7. I agree with you on what you said in the second half of the post. I haven’t seen the photo of the woman you are talking about, but I find that people are rather cruel in general–both men and women–about people they don’t feel attracted to. Here’s the bite–most people don’t appear very attractive in average every day lighting and most people appear more attractive in a photo shoot or a glamor shot.

    Roissy is kind of full of something…himself to say the least.

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