Classic Links

Dr. Helen discusses Michelle Obama’s contempt for men from March of 2008 

Devout writes about female friendships from February 2009

Eternal Bachelor on the rise and fall? of feminism from August 2008

Warren Farrell on powerless divorced dads from June 2007

A “Beta Of The Month” competition for the ages from April 2009


Some of the girls from Roissy’s place have started a blog.  Check it out.


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2 responses to “Classic Links

  1. slwerner

    As an aside, I’m looking for some good crow recipes, having predicted the Broncos to go 2-14.

    So far, I’ve found nothing on

    Anyway, it seems I didn’t give the Broncos enough credit. The game against Dallas should give a better indication of how good they actually are.

    • Hey Slwerner,

      Yeah I know how you feel.

      It’s good to be wrong in the too pessimistic direction than too optimistic though.

      I want to see a couple real tests 1st like you say.

      The Raiders and Browns are downright horrible. Denver’s D looked great, but those teams can’t put up any points anyway.

      I don’t expect you to eat crow unless they win more than 6 games. 6 or under is still within the ballpark of your prediction.

      We have a way to go before they get to 7 wins.

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