Some Balance and a Couple Links

I wanted to provide a quick balance to what I wrote yesterday.  Only fair right?  My time is limited so this post will be shorter. I’ve got to go swoop some fly girls tonight.  Ok I’m lying.  I’m just tired. 

Here are a few excesses I sometimes see from advocates of Game.  Feel free to add any others.  This wasn’t my most thought out piece of work. My past writing speaks to my affinity for the principles and many advocates for Game. Like my thoughts on MRA, this is only directed at a subset.


At times, Game advocates youth and life experience betray them.  This is clear in some of their assumptions and lack of imagination. 

This lack of imagination causes some of them to have little perspective on the lives of men who aren’t young, unmarried, secular, and in a blue coastal city.  (This is one of the  reasons why I hype Dave in Hawaii so much.)

Some brazenly view bitterness in all cases as weakness and a character flaw.  This speaks to a lack of life experience.  In my view, some bitterness is justified and in many cases can trigger healthy and reasonable responses.  Game reduces the chances of horrible outcomes with women but doesn’t come close to eliminating it.

Some Game advocates suffer from “one size fits all” syndrome. This can lead to simple minded and unrealistic advice.

Virginity isn’t the bedrock of Western Civilization but neither is rampant promiscuity.  I say this not to lecture but as a call for a bit of humility.

I’ll Game, while Rome burns, is a reasonable mindset given the times we live in, but it sometimes leads to dismissive attitudes towards MRAs in general.  

Some “keyboard gamers” talk a good Game (heh), but I suspect fall short in the real world. 

A few have dismissive attitudes about religion and are unable to understand the benefits, drawbacks, and difficulties a church going life provides with regard to the mating dance.  Example: What about men who are religious but also view marriage as an unwise choice given our legal and cultural climate?  What are they to do? 


Let me end with a word on Roosh and Pro Male/Anti Feminist.  Whatever you think of their lifestyle choices, both are outspoken and brave enough to express their views. Accepting the scrutiny that comes with it isn’t always easy.  It may not seem like much to hardened bloggers, but I believe it is meaningful.  Both my MRA and Game criticisms weren’t directly aimed at either of them either.  They just provided the spark for more general observations.


Here are a couple off topic links…

Did Bill Ayers admit to writing Dreams From My Father?  HT: Ace of Spades

Barack Obama: Alpha or Beta?  HT: Lurker from Roissy’s


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5 responses to “Some Balance and a Couple Links

  1. Eumaios

    “What about men who are religious but also view marriage as an unwise choice given our legal and cultural climate? What are they to do?”

    More importantly, what are we to teach our sons? Our daughters?

    • Eumaios,

      True. I think Game as a tool is useful for all men, but sometimes its advocates forget that it can’t be used the same way by everyone.

      • That’s one of the same issues that I am presently figuring out. I am staunchly Christian, which sets my moral standards much higher than if I were a secular male.

        As such, I am presently wrestling with the tension between using Game well, but also in a moral, responsible and God-glorifying way. Since I don’t consider pre-marital sex an option, I categorically reject a hypergamous lifestyle.

        Presently, I am working on increasing my skills at attracting women and increasing my social awareness so that I have a fuller understand of the psycho-social dynamics at play in any situation. Additionally, since I have a different “target-market” than many gamers, my implementation of Game requires me to socially calibrate differently than many of them do.

        Still, I quite agree with your statement that Game is a helpful tool for all men.

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  3. Hi Silas,

    As a pro “good” religion agnostic, I feel your pain. Whenever I think or discuss these issues I try to keep pious men in mind.

    “Since I don’t consider pre-marital sex an option, I categorically reject a hypergamous lifestyle.”

    For this reason, in many ways, the place men find themselves today is toughest on guys like you. Depending on your church you might have a better quality of woman to choose from though.

    I hope a Pro Game overtly religious themed blog comes along.

    Oh by the way. hope you keep writing. You have an interesting blog.

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