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Classic Links, Labels, Spending, Healthcare and Baseball

Aoefe writes about labels humans apply to themselves and others from August of 2009

Ricky Raw discusses the power of vagueness from February 2008

Thursday’s thoughts on Gwen Stefani and related issues from October 2007

Welmer writes about cheating military wives from April 2009

Roissy talks about the kind of girls who go to bars from August 2008


The acronym MRA gets thrown around quite a bit, but what does it really mean?  I am especially guilty of this myself.   I use it as shorthand for blogs that discuss mens issues that aren’t exclusively game oriented. Sometimes I even use it when I really mean MGTOW.  Not very precise I must say.  The problem I see, speaking for myself only, is that I am not exclusively focused on rights and I’m certainly not an activist. I’ve thought about it a little bit and came up with an acronym which better describes me. MIP.  Mens issues proponent. 

Issues encompass everything.  The micro, the macro and everything in between.  The personal, political, historical, and cultural. I’m not just concerned with mens legal rights.  Heck, I’m concerned with everyone’s  legal rights.  In fact I spend more time talking about micro (Game) and cultural issues, both on here and elsewhere, than about laws being changed.

Proponent simply means lending a voice.  I’m not important or wield any ability to change much. I don’t take to the streets.  I don’t hold placards.  Not only for mens issues, but everything else.  I didn’t go to the local tea party rally for example.  Despite my conservative views, my demeanor is pretty moderate.  Shouting into a bullhorn or chanting slogans doesn’t do it for me.  Not necessarily opposed to it, just not my bag. I’m a mens issues proponent in the same way I am a school vouchers proponent, or low taxation proponent, or private health care proponent.  So no, I’m not an activist

 If I didn’t have a blog I probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. In writing especially, its nice to be able to quickly sum up a point of view without writing a 4 page dissertation on it.  I use “conservative with libertarian leanings” in the same way.  I also embrace the label: Bronco fan.  I welcome thoughts on this.


Adam Sharpe at Seeking Alpha wrote an interesting piece on deficit spending.  He provides a graph.  HT: Ace of Spades


5 gold stars and the title of “Ganttsquarry’s Commenter of the Month” goes to the person who can guess what I am thinking.


An example of the Utopia that is Britain’s healthcare system.  Terrible story.  RIP Mathew Millington.  HT: AoS


Not to sound like a pony tail sporting, patchouli oil wearing hippy, but I think it’s a shame how Major League Baseball handles inclement weather in the post season.  As you might know, the Rockies and Phillies got postponed yesterday due to snow and freezing temperatures here in Denver.  It got rescheduled for today, or more precisely, tonight….at 8 o clock.  It won’t be in the 20’s like last night, but I doubt it will be over 35 or 40.  The game won’t end until 11 pm either. 

The Rockies/Phillies play 162 games to get into the playoffs and then have to play crucial games in freezing weather not conducive to high level performance.  Pretty lame. Why?  TV contracts.  The rational thing to do is schedule the game for 1 pm.  This is not exactly an issue that threatens the foundation of the republic, but I’m glad I could get it off my chest.

Now I’m off to go watch the Broncos play a sport perfectly suiting for cold dreary weather.



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Classic Links and Congrats

Female Misogynist writes about colleges and the decline of character from March of 2008

Elusive Wapiti warns of a potential side effect to MRA from March of 2009

A post on the female marriage strike at Rebuking Feminism from January 2009

Roosh talks about ratings and nationalities from June 2008

Fidelbogen has a message for his feminist readers from January 2007


Finally, I wanted to congratulate the Colorado Rockies for making the playoffs by clinching a wild card birth last week. 

If you like baseball, and don’t have a team in the playoffs this year, may I suggest the Rockies for all of your rooting needs.  I’ve followed MLB since 1985 and have never seen a team with a more likeable group of players. 

I can’t pick out a single guy that I have negative feelings for. They all seem to work hard, know their role, and enjoy playing with one and other.  The team really has a throwback feel to it.  No druggies, punks, criminals, or thugs to be found. 

And if diversity is important to you; the Rockies fit that bill as well.  Veterans, rookies and everything in between, black, white and brown, single guys, and married with kids, American and foreign born.

I talk a little bit about the same subject here, after I went to a baseball game.

Now it’s time for me to go watch that other team in Denver take on the Dallas Cowboys.  The 1st real test the Broncos face this year.


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Classic Links

Dr. Helen discusses Michelle Obama’s contempt for men from March of 2008 

Devout writes about female friendships from February 2009

Eternal Bachelor on the rise and fall? of feminism from August 2008

Warren Farrell on powerless divorced dads from June 2007

A “Beta Of The Month” competition for the ages from April 2009


Some of the girls from Roissy’s place have started a blog.  Check it out.


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Classic Links and Bonus Coverage

Alpha Dominance on the importance of reducing stress from September 2008

An anecdote about Amish women and their more enlightened sisters over at Academy Watch from February 2009

Sebastian Flyte discusses eye contact from June 2008

Dennis Prager writes about a common marital problem from December 2008

11minutes breaks down the Madonna/Whore complex from April 2009


I don’t plan on making this a habit, but I thought I would throw in a few links from the past week to 10 days as well.  

Number one, I’m lazy.  Number two, most who read here are already familiar with the bloggers I will link to.  Number three, Ferdinand already does such a fine job of it, it’s not really necessary.  His blog is one stop shopping in that regard.

However, I found this week, for whatever reason, to be especially illuminating in the mens issues arena, and wanted to put my own stamp of approval on some of the stuff I have read. A lot of good commentary was written in the last 7 days or so.

If you haven’t already, give the following a read…

Novaseeker, in typically fine fashion, offers up a twofer

1st, on the problems men face with regard to the liberal, and even moreso, the conservative agenda.

2nd, the unique experiences his generation of men have faced which was inspired by a post written by Welmer.

Luckily Nova is still commenting during his semi sabbatical from blogging. He is consistently insightful, and even his blog comments make for excellent reading.

I think some guys, like Obsidian for example, should just start a blog to house comments they make at other places. 

Not to be outdone this week, Hawaiian Libertarian gives a twofer as well.

1st, on Game as the “red pill”

2nd, as always, he offers up a great read on relationship dynamics.

Ferdinand has a couple (notice a pattern here?) good ones as well.

1st, on sex ratios, and 2nd, a really good analysis of the problems China faces with its surplus of men.

Whiskey discusses a post 9/11 world and also writes about Ashley Madison as a sign of the times.  The latter is worth a look if only for the pics of degenerate brits, and clips from the movie Office Space.  Fun times.

Prime, at Beta Revolution writes a provocative piece about how to talk to a black person.

Elusive Wapiti reminds us of potential…ummm…dangers men face in the dating market.  He’s also moving to the bayou, so go over and wish him luck.

Pro Male/Anti Feminist has an interesting take on how God feels about modern marriage.

Professor Hale lays out his political platform.  Me likey.

Mangan talks about HBD and diet.  A diet I endorse by the way.

False Rape Society writes about another egregious false rape claim.

Marky Mark has a good piece up about the egos of the modern day woman

Roosh has a new book.

The duo at Seasons of Tumult and Discord have a couple pieces worth checking out.  On shit tests.  On pedestals.

Ganttsquarry on his mens rights journey and playing the role of male feminist.

Chuck Ross on weasel words.

Glenn Sacks on Michelle Obama promoting healthcare reform for the victimized women of America.

Anakin Niceguy on MGTOW and the Roissysphere.

MGTOW on necessity and niceness.


A pretty good 7 to 10 days if you ask me.  Feel free to send any links to good things you, or others, have written.  Classic links from months or years past is especially appreciated. 

Now I’m off to watch the best quarterback in the NFL, Kyle Orton, take on the Browns.

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Classic Links

Marky Mark on de-balled married men from January 2007

Pook criticizes MGTOW from March of 2008

Thursday on three types of women from May of 2008

Roosh comments on a post at femalesfisting from September 2008

Anakin Niceguy talks about Biblical Manhood from May 2008

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Classic Links

Classic links got delayed by a few days this week.  After a weekend of swooping fly girls in an unnamed exotic locale, I have managed to find a few minutes to post.  This is what I came up with, aboard Ganttsquarry 1, 30,000 feet over flyover country.

Rob Fedders at No Ma’am writes on male/female differences from August of 2008

Whiskey on modern romance from September 2008

Marc Rudov discusses Gavin “Any Twosome( thanks Michael Savage for coining that nickname)” Newsome’s affair with the wife of a friend and adviser from Febuary 2007

Bernard Chapin writes on problems with older women from January 2004

Ganttsquarry goes to a baseball game August 2009

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Classic Links

I have always enjoyed Elusive Wapiti’s “Friday Roundup”, where he links to various stories that have caught his eye throughout the week. 

It got me thinking about doing something similar with regard to men’s issues.  At first I considered a “Week in Review” for issues that affect men legally, personally, and sexually among other things.  After some more thought, I decided that this concept would be excessively redundant.  There isn’t enough material out there from a weeks time frame to offer up anything most of us haven’t already read or heard about.

Instead, I settled on offering “Classic Links”. Contributions of note that get lost in the shuffle as weeks and months pass by.

I have been reading MRA, PUA, Game, MGTOW etc. for over three years and have only recently decided to start my own little blog.  Over that time, I have read all sorts of good things by many people that get forgotten about, rarely to be read again.  I figure that because of the sheer volume of what has been written; this is a concept that will never run out of material to keep it going.

Like everyone else who blogs, I only have a limited amount of time to put into this, and am unable to spend hours perusing archives for insightful blasts from the past.  If you remember something you have read that deserves a second look, please feel free to link it in the comments section.  Also, if you want something you have written to be linked by this blog of tremendous influence and importance, feel free to link that as well. 

I’m only going to post 3 to 5 a week to make continuing this effort as easy as possible.  I’ll try to do it toward the end of every week, so the millions of people that come here will know when to look for it.

When perusing I give bonus points for…


Men’s Personal Improvement

Crazy Deranged Rants

Provocative Theories and Ideas

Insightful Analysis


This weeks offering includes…

Ricky Raw on how to become a Renaissance Man from January of 2009

Eternal Bachelor discusses the horror of a dearth of female gamers from October of 2006

Roissy explores the link between male papooses and the decline of Western Civilization from August 2007

Welmer’s thoughts on personal happiness for men from May of 2009

Ganttsquarry breaks down a poker party of ex Democrat Presidents from August 2009


What, you thought I wouldn’t link myself?  Clearly you don’t know me well enough.  Props to you if you spotted it, Sesame Street style, and knew it was the link that did not go with the others.

If you can think of any other gimmicks that can make the job of adding new material easier, please let me know.  It has to be a good one though.  I happen to like the idea of “Classic Links”.


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