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Classic Links, Labels, Spending, Healthcare and Baseball

Aoefe writes about labels humans apply to themselves and others from August of 2009

Ricky Raw discusses the power of vagueness from February 2008

Thursday’s thoughts on Gwen Stefani and related issues from October 2007

Welmer writes about cheating military wives from April 2009

Roissy talks about the kind of girls who go to bars from August 2008


The acronym MRA gets thrown around quite a bit, but what does it really mean?  I am especially guilty of this myself.   I use it as shorthand for blogs that discuss mens issues that aren’t exclusively game oriented. Sometimes I even use it when I really mean MGTOW.  Not very precise I must say.  The problem I see, speaking for myself only, is that I am not exclusively focused on rights and I’m certainly not an activist. I’ve thought about it a little bit and came up with an acronym which better describes me. MIP.  Mens issues proponent. 

Issues encompass everything.  The micro, the macro and everything in between.  The personal, political, historical, and cultural. I’m not just concerned with mens legal rights.  Heck, I’m concerned with everyone’s  legal rights.  In fact I spend more time talking about micro (Game) and cultural issues, both on here and elsewhere, than about laws being changed.

Proponent simply means lending a voice.  I’m not important or wield any ability to change much. I don’t take to the streets.  I don’t hold placards.  Not only for mens issues, but everything else.  I didn’t go to the local tea party rally for example.  Despite my conservative views, my demeanor is pretty moderate.  Shouting into a bullhorn or chanting slogans doesn’t do it for me.  Not necessarily opposed to it, just not my bag. I’m a mens issues proponent in the same way I am a school vouchers proponent, or low taxation proponent, or private health care proponent.  So no, I’m not an activist

 If I didn’t have a blog I probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. In writing especially, its nice to be able to quickly sum up a point of view without writing a 4 page dissertation on it.  I use “conservative with libertarian leanings” in the same way.  I also embrace the label: Bronco fan.  I welcome thoughts on this.


Adam Sharpe at Seeking Alpha wrote an interesting piece on deficit spending.  He provides a graph.  HT: Ace of Spades


5 gold stars and the title of “Ganttsquarry’s Commenter of the Month” goes to the person who can guess what I am thinking.


An example of the Utopia that is Britain’s healthcare system.  Terrible story.  RIP Mathew Millington.  HT: AoS


Not to sound like a pony tail sporting, patchouli oil wearing hippy, but I think it’s a shame how Major League Baseball handles inclement weather in the post season.  As you might know, the Rockies and Phillies got postponed yesterday due to snow and freezing temperatures here in Denver.  It got rescheduled for today, or more precisely, tonight….at 8 o clock.  It won’t be in the 20’s like last night, but I doubt it will be over 35 or 40.  The game won’t end until 11 pm either. 

The Rockies/Phillies play 162 games to get into the playoffs and then have to play crucial games in freezing weather not conducive to high level performance.  Pretty lame. Why?  TV contracts.  The rational thing to do is schedule the game for 1 pm.  This is not exactly an issue that threatens the foundation of the republic, but I’m glad I could get it off my chest.

Now I’m off to go watch the Broncos play a sport perfectly suiting for cold dreary weather.



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NFL Predictions and Musings



The opening day of the NFL season gives me an excuse to take a break from men’s issues for a day.  I’m going to see if I can get through a whole column without uttering the word, women.  Don’t bet on it though. 

For a long time, sports was a major part of my life.  That probably started changing 7 or 8 years ago.  I still read the sports page everyday( errr I mean I go to sports related websites), but I watch very little sports on TV anymore.

A quick list of major sports, and how much I view them…

NFL: All Bronco games and maybe one additional game a week, usually on Sunday.  I generally catch most playoff games.

MLB: I attend a few Rockies games a year but rarely watch any baseball on TV.  I might watch a few World Series games depending on the teams.  This year may be different if the Rockies make the postseason.

NBA: Might attend a Nuggets game or two a year.  Watch very little of the regular season on TV.  Watch a handful of playoff games depending on the teams.  Finals vary depending on who is playing.

College Basketball: A few March Madness games. Thats it.

College Football: A few big games a year and the BCS Championship Game.

Nascar: Only with a family member if it happens to be on at their place.

Hockey: Whats that?

Golf: If Tiger is in contention, and in a major only.

Because I read about sports 20 minutes a day or so, I still am fairly up to speed.  My historical knowledge is good because of my youth.  I still know more than a lot of people, but it is no longer of significant importance in my life. 

The NFL is a slight exception, and I still have enough interest to write about it occasionally.

I think the main reason for this, is because they only play once a week.  Much easier to follow and maintain interest in a sport when you only have to devote 3 hours a week to watch your favorite team play.

A few things I like about the NFL…

The complexity.  The preparation that is required to learn complex playbooks and carry out game plans is pretty impressive.  For a taste of it, try playing the John Madden video game created by EA sports.  It does a pretty good job of capturing its essence. Really, I swear.

Players that go 100% all of the time.  Only playing 16 regular season games has something to do with this.  The major reason though is that contracts aren’t guaranteed.   Players don’t have the leverage as in other sports.  NFL players, in most cases, don’t make the kind of money that many of their fellow sportsman do.  This also happens to be why I don’t begrudge players in the NFL who holdout or demand trades as much as I do in other sports. 

Every game is meaningful.  Game 8 of the regular season is important for a football team.  Game 108 for a baseball team, not so much.

Every game has buzz.  See above.

Teamwork.  Of the major sports, football requires the most of it. Everything that each player does on offense or defense is connected and necessary for success. One small screw up by the left guard can be the difference in a team getting a 10 yard penalty or a 60 yard touchdown pass.

Parity. I may be a free market capitalist, but I am a sports socialist.  Mike Rosen, a talk show host I listen to, explains it well.  The Broncos aren’t trying to drive the Raiders out of business, only to beat them on the field.  These are franchises not individual entities.  The NFL is strong and healthy, in large part, because of parity that is achieved through revenue sharing among the teams. A hard salary cap is helpful as well of course. Bud Selig and the MLB union might want to take some notes.

Most games are played on Sunday.  Very easy to get immersed in games on Sunday, and forget about it the other 6 days a week.

Fantasy football.  Yes, I admit it.  I have a soft spot for this decidedly dorky activity.  I don’t have a team this year, but in times past I have enjoyed it.

Brett Favre……df..dfgbc… Sorry about that.  John Madden took control of my keyboard for a moment.

Things I don’t like about the NFL…

The incessant commercial time outs. I had the Direct TV NFL package one year and loved it.  Don’t remember seeing a commercial the whole season.  My thumb got a bit sore though.

Corporate names on stadiums. Yeah I know, it makes economic sense.  I’m mostly just venting.  I miss Mile High Stadium though.  Our new stadium in Denver is called: Invesco Field at Mile High.  They stuck the “at Mile High” on to appease the nostalgists. A lame compromise if you ask me.  It sounds ridiculous.

75% of the announcers.  Usually an arrogant, geeky metrosexual, paired up with an ex-player, meathead type.  It’s Mike and Mike in the Morning every damn game.  Not my idea of a good combination.  I’m old fashioned.  I miss Pat Summeral and John Madden (before he jumped the shark).

Sideline reporters. Two types of this species can be found, roaming around the field, offering up innane opinions or trivial “news” items.  The barely literate Tony Siragusa type or the big titted bimbo. The interviews they provide uniformly suck.  Needless to say, I’m not impressed with either. 

Pre game shows.  Braggart ex-players still jonesing for an attention fix, and jock stiffing hosts, together, make for a fun-filled hour of shitty jokes, tired old stories from the glory days, and plenty of ass kissing.  The self-importance is generally amusing as well.  A player will go from near diety status to disgraced non entity in the course of a few weeks.  Really guys, it ain’t that big a deal.

For the record, I happen to like The Fox pregame show the best.  Plenty of lame jokes, but the other stuff is tamped down a little bit.  They don’t seem to take themselves as seriously.  This reminds me of another complaint though…

The weather girl reports.  You mean its warm in Miami and snowing in Green Bay in November?  Wow thanks.  Appreciate that.  Maybe it’s for the last minute gambling junkies. Speaking of..

Anytime I run into a game being analyzed from the perspective of a gambler.  The greasy, and often sweaty, scumbags screaming into the television.  Yeah I know, I’ll never lose if I call your 800 number and get your picks and locks and guarantees of the week.  I think I’ll quit my job.


On that note here are my predictions for the upcoming season.  Feel free to use them to win lots of money in Vegas.  These are my locks, guarantees, and super duper, put it in the bank, picks of the week, month, decade and year.

AFC Division winners

East: Patriots 13-3

North: Steelers 12-4

South: Colts 10-6

West: Chargers 12-4

Wildcard: Ravens 11-5, Dolphins 10-6

1st round: Chargers over Dolphins, Ravens over Colts

2nd Round: Pats over Ravens, Steelers over Chargers

AFC  Champion: Patriots


NFC Division winners

East: New York 12-4

North: Minnesota 11-5

South: New Orleans 11-5

West: Arizona 10-6

Wildcard: Chicago 10-6, Seattle 9-7

1st round: New Orleans over Seattle, Chicago over Arizona

2nd round: Minnesota over New Orleans, New York over Chicago

NFC Champion: Minnesota

Super Bowl Champion: New England Patriots

With all the money you will win using these picks, I hope you drop a small percentage my way.

 A few final thoughts, questions, and predictions…

Am I a bad person for hoping Michael Vick gets “Joe Theismanned” this year?

Am I putting too much faith in the flakey, and increasingly brittle, Brett Favre?

Which is bigger: Jerry Jones’ ego or the new scoreboard at the Cowboys new stadium?

Speaking of the Cowboys…. Wade Phillips will be fired during the bye week and replaced with Jason Garrett.  Garrett will have the rest of the season to prove he is a better choice than Mike Shanahan.

Did Chad Ochocinco jump the shark last year, or the year before?  (Yes I wanted a reason to type in Ochocinco).

Terrell Owens will have a major blow up by week 4.  No, I am not a distant relative of Nostradamus.

If Tom Brady remains healthy, the Patriots will be scary good this year.

Does Peyton Manning make more in salary, or endorsements?  I think Manning is on TV more than Obama.

Oh, before I forget…

The Broncos will go 4-12.

Kyle Orton will lose his job to Chris Simms.

Fans will remind McDaniels (and his ego), that Jay Cutler shouldn’t have been traded.

The defense will be improved.

The Broncos will be surprisingly competitive towards the end of the year.


Well I made it, not one mention of the W-word.  Perhaps another time I will discuss how sports have become, unfortunately, the last refuge of many men, in a culture dominated by w…..


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Hitler Finds Out…

 Given Wisconsin’s heavy German population, I’m not surprised that Hitler is a big Packers fan.

The scene that is used in this video come from Downfall, a  German movie about Hitler’s last days.  The film is outstanding.  Cannot recommend it highly enough.  

This footage has been used to show Hitler’s  passion about bloggers, political movements, Michael Jackson and video games.  The scene is also one of the most powerful in Downfall.  I worry that the next time I watch it, it will be tainted by images of Brett Favre, Little Green Footballs, and World of Warcraft.

Not much I can do now though.  The damage is done.  In fact, I have come up with a few more ideas that someone more enterprising than myself could use.

In no particular order…

Hitler finds out that Roissy is Gaming Eva Braun

Hitler finds out that Mystery has a child

Hitler finds out that Andrea Dworkin has died

Hitler learns that his passion for trains is shared by David Alexander

Hitler is told that Lady Raine has shut down her myspace page

Hitler realizes how much he HATES HATES HATES beta males

Hitler learns that Roissy has named him “Beta of the Month”

Hitler finds out that Jon Stewart is Jewish

Hitler learns that Eva Braun has been seeing Roosh in a hostel in Berlin

Hitler learns he is not his babies daddy

Hitler is not happy about his score on Roissy’s Market Value Test

Hitler finds out that “Cash for Clunkers” is over

Hitler expresses his feelings about Tucker Max

Hitler isn’t a big fan of the “Cougar” phenomenon

Hitler learns that Ted Kennedy has died

Hitler learns that Eva Braun trimmed her Glorious Natural Pelt

Hitler is not a fan of Game or its proponents

Hitler takes Himmler to task for calling him a Herbus Maximus

Hitler learns that the Autobahn is not eligible for stimulus money

Hitler gets banned from Feminsting

Hitler finds out that people are using his likeness on You Tube


I would be interested in any ideas you might have as well…


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Brett Favre Unretires Again

Brett Favre has once again announced he is coming out of retirement, and has signed with the Minnesota Vikings.


1.I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t wait to see him run out through the tunnel at Lambeau Field.  The NFC North is probably now the most interesting division in football.

2. I was surprised when he turned Minnesota down a couple weeks ago.  The Vikings are a perfect fit for him.  Great offensive line, stellar running back, and a solid D.  On top of that he gets to play in a temperature controlled dome half the year.  That doesn’t count trips to Detroit, St Louis, and Arizona.  A whopping 11 out of 16 games in perfect weather.

3. Many in the media breathlessly criticize his indecisive behavior and bemoan the fact that the Brett Favre saga is tired and played out, wishing they could move on to other topics.  Who’s fault is that?  I get tired of the redundant coverage as much as anyone, but I don’t blame Favre.  Is he supposed to decide what he wants to do to save ESPN from itself?

4. I’ve never understood the desire to push older athletes, past their prime, out the door.  Should an older athletes’ only concern be preserving the memories of beer swilling man boys, whos life centers around sports?  Perhaps we should be like ancient civilizations, and kill older athletes like warriors who have outlived their perceived usefulness. 

5. Athletes have a tiny window in which to fulfill career ambitions and gain financial security.  Once it’s gone it’s gone.  Brett can’t take 2 years off to mull his options and then return to his desk job.  It’s now or never.  The older I get the more I can relate.  When I was 21, a man of 39 like Favre seemed old.  Now he could be my big brother.  My father could have a son of greybeard Brett’s age.   That puts it in more perspective for me.

6. The fact is, Brett Favre still has leverage.  He is still a desired product on the market.  This allows him to be as indecisive as he wants, and to play by his rules to a certain extent.  Teams aren’t forced to wait on Favre.  They do it because they view him as an upgrade to their current QB.

7.  My only slight reservation in his behavior is not that he keeps fat ass reporters unhappy, or teams waiting in the lurch, but the quarterbacks that are affected.  Think of the litany of QBs that have had their careers altered by Favre.  Aaron Rogers, Kellon Clemons, Chad Pennington, Tavaris Jackson,  and Sage Rosenfels.  This doesn’t count the QBs that suffer from the relocation of the more directly affected QB’s.  That’s the cut throat way of the NFL though.  All of them still have jobs in one way or another, and are hardly in the poor house.  Like I said, slight reservation.

8. Favre is flaky, no doubt about it.  He’s got the indecision of an 18 year old girl.  His arm isn’t as strong as it once was, and he makes some horrible decisions on the football field.  I like him though, not as much as John Madden does, but I like him nonetheless.  One thing is certain, I’m much more likely to watch a Vikings game with him at the helm as opposed to Jackson or Rosenfels.  I’d bet most people feel the same way.


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