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Money Grows on Trees

I was flipping radio stations today and happened to catch Rush Limbaugh talking about this story coming out of Detroit.  The video is….telling.

 A local reporter from a Detroit radio station interviewed a woman waiting in line for “stimulus” money.  The audio was played on Limbaugh’s program but I couldn’t find it online. 

Instead, here is the transcript

ROGULSKI( ed: the reporter):  Did you get an application to fill out yet?

WOMAN( ed: the welfare case):  I sure did.  And I filled it out, and I am waiting to see what the results are going to be.

ROGULSKI:  Will you know today how much money you’re getting?

WOMAN:  No, I won’t, but I’m waiting for a phone call.

ROGULSKI:  Where’s the money coming from?

WOMAN:  I believe it’s coming from the City of Detroit or the state.

ROGULSKI:  Where did they get it from?

WOMAN:  Some funds that was forgiven (sic) by Obama.

ROGULSKI:  And where did Obama get the funds?

WOMAN:  Obama getting the funds from… Ummm, I have no idea, to tell you the truth.  He’s the president.

ROGULSKI:  In downtown Detroit, Ken Rogulski, WJR News.


Maybe Obama got it from the money trees Michelle is growing in her garden.

I guess the new word for welfare in Orwellian speak is “stimulus”.

 Finally, this reminded me of an exchange before the election…



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Some Balance and a Couple Links

I wanted to provide a quick balance to what I wrote yesterday.  Only fair right?  My time is limited so this post will be shorter. I’ve got to go swoop some fly girls tonight.  Ok I’m lying.  I’m just tired. 

Here are a few excesses I sometimes see from advocates of Game.  Feel free to add any others.  This wasn’t my most thought out piece of work. My past writing speaks to my affinity for the principles and many advocates for Game. Like my thoughts on MRA, this is only directed at a subset.


At times, Game advocates youth and life experience betray them.  This is clear in some of their assumptions and lack of imagination. 

This lack of imagination causes some of them to have little perspective on the lives of men who aren’t young, unmarried, secular, and in a blue coastal city.  (This is one of the  reasons why I hype Dave in Hawaii so much.)

Some brazenly view bitterness in all cases as weakness and a character flaw.  This speaks to a lack of life experience.  In my view, some bitterness is justified and in many cases can trigger healthy and reasonable responses.  Game reduces the chances of horrible outcomes with women but doesn’t come close to eliminating it.

Some Game advocates suffer from “one size fits all” syndrome. This can lead to simple minded and unrealistic advice.

Virginity isn’t the bedrock of Western Civilization but neither is rampant promiscuity.  I say this not to lecture but as a call for a bit of humility.

I’ll Game, while Rome burns, is a reasonable mindset given the times we live in, but it sometimes leads to dismissive attitudes towards MRAs in general.  

Some “keyboard gamers” talk a good Game (heh), but I suspect fall short in the real world. 

A few have dismissive attitudes about religion and are unable to understand the benefits, drawbacks, and difficulties a church going life provides with regard to the mating dance.  Example: What about men who are religious but also view marriage as an unwise choice given our legal and cultural climate?  What are they to do? 


Let me end with a word on Roosh and Pro Male/Anti Feminist.  Whatever you think of their lifestyle choices, both are outspoken and brave enough to express their views. Accepting the scrutiny that comes with it isn’t always easy.  It may not seem like much to hardened bloggers, but I believe it is meaningful.  Both my MRA and Game criticisms weren’t directly aimed at either of them either.  They just provided the spark for more general observations.


Here are a couple off topic links…

Did Bill Ayers admit to writing Dreams From My Father?  HT: Ace of Spades

Barack Obama: Alpha or Beta?  HT: Lurker from Roissy’s


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Schadenfreude: satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

The story…

U.S. President Barack Obama’s politically risky Olympics gamble failed to bring home the gold on Friday, with the Olympics committee’s refusal to grant the 2016 Summer Games to his hometown Chicago.


The story…

Chicago was knocked out in the first round — in one of the most shocking defeats ever handed down by the International Olympic Committee. President Barack Obama’s last-minute hop to Denmark didn’t swing the games Chicago’s way. He came, saw, charmed but did not conquer.

 The story…

And even as the president and First Lady Michelle Obama were leaving Copenhagen this morning following their appeal to the International Olympic Committee, the Republican National Committee was circulating an email complaining of the White House’s “wrong priorities” (see that below the fold.) The RNC chairman today, chiding the president for “verbal gymnastics” in Copenhagen, noted the newest numbers on rising unemployment back home (see below as well.)

Rahm Emanuel, the Chicagoan who is chief of staff for Obama, has an answer: “You know, we’ll make sure they get some good seats once Chicago does host the games.”


The story…

With First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey now in Copenhagen, CBS anchor Katie Couric on Wednesday night declared “the ‘Dream Team’ pushing Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic summer games is nearly complete” and is now just awaiting “the team captain” — that would be President Barack Obama,who “arrives Friday ahead of the final vote.”


The story…

Civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has long been based in Chicago, said he was surprised by the city’s loss.

“I’m shocked and saddened. We were emotionally prepared for it,” he said, noting that the United States had sent its “A team” of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to push for the Chicago bid.


The story…

And I’m not asking just as the First Lady of the United States, who is eager to welcome the world to our shores.  And not just as a Chicagoan, who is proud and excited to show the world what my city can do.  Not just as a mother raising two beautiful young women to embrace athleticism and pursue their full potential.

I’m also asking as a daughter.

See, my dad would have been so proud to witness these Games in Chicago. And I know they would have meant something much more to him, too.

You see, in my dad’s early thirties, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. And as he got sicker, it became harder for him to walk, let alone play his favorite sports.  But my dad was determined that sports continue to be a vital lifeline — not just to the rest of the world, but to me and my brother.

And even as we watched my dad struggle to hold himself up on crutches, he never stopped playing with us.  And he refused to let us take our abilities for granted. He believed that his little girl should be taught no less than his son. 

 The story…

David Letterman told the audience of his late night talk show that he had sexual relationships with female members of his staff, adding that he’d forked over a bogus $2 million check as part of an extortion plot on the matter.


My in depth commentary and analysis…


Apparently, according to some, I am “anti-American” and “unpatriotic” because I wasn’t praying for/to Dear Leader to bring home the Olympics for the City of Chicago.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the Olympics.  Scatch beneath the kumbaya, “we are the world” bullshit, and you will find an event run by crooks, filled with one dimensional athletes who cheat, and autocrats who use it as an opportunity to grandstand and propagandize.

I haven’t watched more than 10 minutes of Olympic coverage since 1992.  The Dream Team sucked me in and I enjoyed watching them blow out other countries by 50 points a game.  (Ugly Americans at its finest. Thank you Charles Barkley.) I remember watching Mary Lou Retton as a little kid at the 1984 games as well. 

The tape delays, self indulgent commentary, “heart rending” biographies, and silly facade of the noble amateur athlete don’t do much for me. Call me a curmudgeon, but I’d feel the same way if Ronald Reagan were president and Denver had a chance at the games. 

The fact that all of Obama’s cronies( like Valerie Jarrett), won’t be able to personally profit, doesn’t make me shed a tear either. This is typical of the Olympics. Cities pile up a mountain of debt that only benefits a select few. As it turns out, half the City of Chicago understands this.

I have to say, I am surprised that Obama, schooled in Alinsky/Chicago politics wasn’t able to pull this off. Looks like the crooks in the IOC could see Obama working from a mile away.  Takes one to know one I guess.

Perhaps Obama should have taken a lesson from Chris Darden of O.J. Simpson fame.  You remember him?  He is the dopey prosecutor who made O.J. try on the bloody glove.  “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”  Never commit yourself, at least openly, if you don’t know the outcome.

It isn’t only Obama’s failure that has me filled with joy today, but the reaction of  his worshiping sycophants in the media.  They are working overtime to try and spin his blunder. 

Obama is a one trick pony.  For two years that trick has worked wonders.  Hope and change rhetoric delivered in ubiquitous speeches aided by a teleprompter.  All campaign mode, all the time.  Seeing it fail is satisfying. 

The Obama Administration, along with its lapdog media ,can spin ( and will continue to do so) the economy, Afghanistan, cash for clunkers, healthcare, and all the rest.  The day of reckoning never comes, well, at least until the next election. 

This is different.  Obama clearly stated his goal.  He went about achieving it by giving a campaign style “touchy feely” teleprompter speech. Like always, he tried to use the force of his personality to get the job done.  And. He. Failed. Miserably.  In a matter of days.  With the entire world watching.  Tough to spin that.

I present a video (Hat tip: Ace of Spades)

One more question…

Did the entitled, affirmative action attitude, so exemplified by our dear 1st lady, help or hurt the vital cause of bringing the Olympics to Chicago in 7 years?


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Odds and Ends

Yes, I’m still sick.  No I won’t bore you with details.  Not to sick to crawl over to the computer and put together a few odds and ends though.

First, I wanted to link to a post I did in reaction to Ferdinand’s Manifesto.  If I had it to do over, I’d tweak a few things, but I still stand by it.  Many of the points I make could just as easily apply to the new Mens Issue’s web magazine started by Welmer.   I’m really rooting for it to be successful.

I hope The Spearhead becomes one stop shopping for men( and like minded women) of all ages and stations in life, who are concerned with mens issues, both at the micro, and macro level.  The nine contributors are all good writers and thinkers.  Send some traffic and feedback their way.

 A few political notes…

The whole Obama birth certificate “conspiracy” never did anything for me.  I think the energy and focus on it has been silly and counter productive.

The fact that he hasn’t shown the press his original certificate does nothing to convince me either.  Either something on it is mildly embarrassing, or he understands that it is to his advantage to have “right wingers” foaming at the mouth about a non issue for years on end.  Seems like smart, Chicago style politics to me.

However, since before the election, I thought this issue was legitimate and worth pursuing.  The evidence that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams From My Father is substantial.  I have little doubt that Ayers wrote the book that made so many “conservatives” get weak in the knees for Obama.

On that note, let me plug a piece written by T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII, a real conservative who understands what kind of guy Obama is.

If you haven’t checked out Andrew Breitbart’s new website, I would encourage you to do so.  It’s the place that broke the Acorn and NEA scandals.  If you believe in the message, I encourage you to link to it.

And finally…

post about Maureen Dowd’s recollection of famous American political quotations.


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Weekend at Reagan’s

This video demonstrates what bad shape the Republican Party is in.  When a man who has been dead for 5 years, and left office in 1989, is your best spokesman for opposing nationalized health care, you know you have problems.  Even more amazing, is the fact that he gave this speech in 1961.  48 years later, it is still far and away better than anything current politicians are saying.

No politician was better at selling conservative ideas than Ronald Reagan.  He preached the gospel for years before ascending to power.  Most importantly, he actually believed in what he was selling. He not only told you what he believed, but why he believed it, and why it was important for Americans to embrace it.  He was great at using historical references and personal antidotes to make his point. He didn’t rebrand liberty and personal freedom to fit his own agenda, or to use as a gimmick in an election campaign (see compassionate conservatism). 

He took the ideas seriously, but not himself.  He was willing to negotiate and compromise, but only if it moved the ball closer to where he wanted to go. He was passionate, determined and cheerful in his battle with statism.  Happiness is the best revenge.  I think it was understood that he had uncompromising principles, yet was reasonable at the same time.  Most people had the feeling he was in it for his country and not himself.  Even when he failed to turn conservative ideas into policy, there was a feeling that he didn’t fail for lack of trying.  The poverty he grew up in, combined with his unique back ground, was a sharp contrast from the typical ladder climbing politician. 

I often describe myself as a Conservative with libertarian leanings.  It’s the quickest way to get across where I stand, without going into some detailed screed about every policy issue imaginable.  I certainly have idiosyncratic beliefs on certain things, and my passion for certain issues exceed others.

I can count on 2 hands the number of politicians at the national level I respect.  I believe America to be in decline.  A slow one, but a decline nonetheless.  The size and scope of the federal government, in concert with the caliber of people that serve there, assures me that meaningful, tangible reform is a pipe dream.  Power is too entrenched, and out of the reach of the hoi polloi to be dealt with effectively.  This is to say nothing of cultural changes I find to be destructive, or challenges America faces from the rest of the world in global competition, military threats and rising powers.  As time goes on, I get less and less interested in the jockeying of politics from one out of touch, wrong headed party to the other.  I realize, I am for the most part, on the losing side.

I know it is said that too many people on the Right are fixated with Ronald Reagan.  I guess I could be accused of that myself.  He certainly wasn’t perfect.  He made mistakes as Governor and President.  He was a flawed man like everyone else.  He was a politician who had to make campaign promises that he couldn’t keep, and do his share of pandering.  (Ironically, this is one of the reasons he stands out so much.  He played the compromised, back scratching, high stakes game of politics more ethically than most.)

With all of that said, Ronald Reagan has come closest to representing my beliefs in the highest office in the land.  He was one of a kind and that’s why he is beloved.  If a candidate comes along that can articulate and sell principled, conservative ideas with conviction, and passion, in a graceful, witty, and cheerful way, immune from the effects of bullying from the left, I’ll stop talking about Ronald Reagan and perhaps feel a little (and only a little) more optimistic for this country.

I’m not holding my breath.


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My thoughts on the Henry Louis Gates controversy is as follows…

1.   Arrogant  lefty professor who is used to fawning praise and treated with  reverence among younger students and aspiring race baiters didn’t like being confronted by a prole white cop.
 Prole white cop was, in Gates eyes stubborn and obtuse.  This set him off.  Lefty intellectuals  aren’t used to being challenged by people they think are beneath them.  In fairness to Gates, depending on the cops demeanor, I could see myself being annoyed with recieving questions about my relationship with my own home. 
2.  It will be interesting to hear what the tapes have to say.  Cops are taught to never lose or give up control of a situation.  Cops can be bullies and can abuse their power. Arrogant professors are never wrong.  Arrogant professors are never ever ever ever wrong when dealing with a member of the proletariat.  In my view you probably have a case of two very stubborn people.
3.  Race was not a factor at all in the cops behavior.  If anything he probably gave Gates more leeway then he would have given a white guy.  Does anyone believe that the Cambridge Police Department is full of Bull Connors out to harass all of those gang banging Harvard black men?
4.  I don’t dismiss as out of hand black (or any color for that matter) complaints about police misconduct.  I believe it happens but not  usually for the reasons  the Al Sharptons of the world claim.  I’m not a knee jerk “law and order” conservative. I try to take them one case at a time.
5.  In this case, I believe Sgt. James Crowley. I’ve yet to see a single reason why I shouldn’t.  Nothing I have read calls his version of events into doubt.  Much of what I have read has strengthened his version.   Henry Louis Gates on the other hand…not so much.  Gates most likely went completely over the top after having plenty of opportunity to get in his “ YO Momma” cracks and still avoid being arrested.
6.  I admire James Crowley’s  resolve in not backing down.  It can’t be easy for him to be labeled a racist and a moron by a prominent local professor and the POTUS who by default are backed by the media and PC culture.
7.  I watched the presser on Wednesday night.  Besides enjoying Obama flail around trying to sell his shit sandwich that is health care reform, I was delighted to see him have a community organizer flashback when asked about Gates.  From my perspective he knew the question was coming based on how he went out of his way to call on the reporter at the end.  He also seemed prepared to deal with the question.  I had the impression that he had given it a great deal of thought.  If so, what is the strategy?  Distract the country from the shit sandwich?  Overconfident in his ability to deal with race?  The answer was delivered better in front of the mirror then how in came out in front of the cameras?  Perhaps he couldn’t help himself.  Maybe he’s just a dedicated community organizer at heart.
8.  No POTUS has any business making anything but perfunctory comments about a case like this.  This is below his pay grade.  After Joe the plumber and Sgt. James Crowley I don’t think  Obama can afford politically to appear to be bullying anymore prole white guys.  Three times would be a pattern and he needs at least a handful of them to get reelected.  Not to mention the Blue Dog’s (unicorns) in the coming congressional elections.

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