Future Criminals

Maybe I’m overreacting when I say I believe the following cases are signs of American decline.   Both have been in the news, but I felt compelled to comment on them.

The first story comes from Bear, Deleware…

A Delaware first-grader who was facing 45 days in an alternative school as punishment for taking his favorite camping utensil to school can return to class after the school board made a hasty change granting him a reprieve.

Zachary Christie, 6, had faced 45 days in an alternative school for troublemakers after he took the utensil — a combination folding knife, fork and spoon — to school to eat lunch last month. Now, he could return Wednesday.

What a little scumbag!  Probably a future rapist, serial killer, and worst of all, conservative.  This overt display of masculinity must be stomped out.  Why was he eating anything that would require cutting anyway?  Get this little neanderthal on a vegetarian diet asap.  Think of the horrific scene he must have caused in the lunch room.  Most of all, to the overworked, underappreciated, saintly teachers.  I call this a hostile work enviroment.

It wouldn’t be so bad if some weren’t still defending the decision….

Not everyone believed the school district was out of line.

Jennifer Jankowski, who runs the special education programs at Jennie Smith Elementary in Newark, said schools need to be vigilant about protecting students. If Zachary or another student had been hurt by the knife, she said, the district would have taken the blame.

“If we can’t punish him, then what about kids that did bring (a weapon) for bad things?” Jankowski said. “There’s more to the school’s side than just us being mean and not taking this child’s interests into account.”

 Women also HATE HATE HATE beta 1st graders.  God forbid this harpy takes the child’s interest into account.  She might be required to “take the blame”.  The horror.   Hey Jennifer, what if a child used a pencil to stab someone?  Are you able to make a distinction between children who want to use the pencil violently, and children who just want to write with it?  I’m sure Mzz. Jankowski is a font of reason and common sense.  Would anyone want their boy near this shrike?

This is the problem with all things government run.  Cover your ass uber alles.  There is no reward or benefit to using common sense.  Why?  Because the “I was only following orders” sheeple who 1st suspended him won’t be punished.  Zero tolerance policies are put in place to avoid accountability.  I’m not surprised a woman is defending such stupidity either.  Accountability, reason, distinctions, and common sense are not always their strong suit. Exceptions are duly noted. 

Nice message this sends to the little boy.  I hope his parent’s stress to him that he did nothing wrong.  Public schools are a toxic environment, especially for males. 


The second story comes from Lansingburgh High School in New York

  A 17-year-old Eagle Scout in upstate New York has been barred from stepping foot on school grounds for 20 days — for keeping a 2-inch pocketknife locked in a survival kit in his car.Matthew Whalen, a senior at Lansingburgh Senior High School, says he follows the Boy Scout motto and is always prepared, stocking his car with a sleeping bag, water, a ready-to-eat meal — and the knife, which was given to him by his grandfather, a police chief in a nearby town.


But Lansingburgh High has a zero-tolerance policy, and when school officials discovered that Whalen kept his knife locked in his car, he says, they suspended him for five days — and then tacked on an additional 15 after a hearing.

 They not only suspended him for the mandatory 5 days, but decided to tack on an extra 15 for good measure.  Keep in mind the people who make these decisions walk among us every day.  You see them at the grocery store, the mall, or a sporting event.  Self important, tyrannical little sheeple. It’s easy to see how dictators come to power so easily with these types roaming around. 

 He said his school’s assistant principal, Frank Macri, approached him on Sept. 21 and asked him if he was carrying a knife.

It’s not only the women who are guilty of this kind of stupidity. Mangina’s are also perfectly suiting for the role of petty bureaucrat.  I’m sure this lickspittle is as threatened by the boy’s testosterone as a rabid feminist would be.

“They brought a cop in, who told them ‘he’s not breaking any laws, so I can’t charge him with anything.'”

Whalen said he asked Macri why a 2-inch pocketknife would be considered more dangerous than other everyday items around the school.

“I said to him, ‘What about a person who has a bat, on a baseball team? That could be a weapon.’ And he said, ‘Well, it’s not the same thing.'”

Everything involves the police nowadays. When the most innocuous acts are looked at with suspicion it’s hard to cultivate a healthy respect for the law.  Whalen probably received the stiffer penalty for questioning the “wisdom” of the “zero tolorance thinking” policy.  In fact, a baseball bat is far more dangerous than a two inch knife.  I would rather have this 17-year-old making policy for school districts than the petty little tyrants that are actually in charge.  Read the rest for more idiocy.

I wouldn’t spit on Frank Macri’s ass if it were on fire.  Despite school policy he could have ignored it, or simply told the kid to get rid of the knife.  That would have required him to put his ass ever so slighty on the line though.  Better to be a coward.  This mentality is rewarded richly in totalitarian regimes. ( Ed: This was poorly worded.  I do not mean to suggest the U.S. in 2009 is a totalitarian regime. Only that people of this mindset are found in every society.  They are worth fighting.  Even for relatively “trivial” matters.  I doubt its trivial to the boy in question though.)

Hopefully these young men can make amends with their government overlords.  Dropping out would be nice.  The masculine presence probably makes the gay, female, and transgendered students feel uncomfortable anyway.  At the very least they better learn how to properly put a condom on a banana and recycle.


Note: Due to work obligations and an upcoming vacation my blog time will be curtailed for a few weeks.


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15 responses to “Future Criminals

  1. Default User

    I wouldn’t spit on Frank Macri’s ass if it were on fire.

    Neither would I. But I would try and stamp out the fire.

  2. Talleyrand

    No, you’re not.

    I wonder what that Eagle Scout is going to think his “duty to country” is now? Maybe giving it a merciful death?

  3. Our local Christian private school recently had the crime dogs go through the parking lot. One student was found with a loaded shotgun in his car. The police left without arresting anyone.

    1. Private schools are not controlled by the federal firarms prohibitions.

    2. The kid is 18 years old.

    3. The kid had the permission of the school principal to hunt on the school land after school. (a big wooded property)

    One of the other parents still called the police to have the kid arrested on firearms charges. (improper storage or some such thing).

    The kid used to work at the gun counter at Gander Mountain, selling guns. He has been fired because of this. The kid used to have no history of trouble of any kind. Now his life is off to a rough start when he has caused no harm.

  4. Ferdinand Bardamu

    The second story doesn’t surprise me too much. City school districts (Lansingburgh is part of the city of Troy, which is in my backyard) are known for these BS zero tolerance policies.

    Speaking of which, if you go to the city of Troy’s Wikipedia page RIGHT NOW, you’ll see that someone’s vandalized the top of the page with a reference to that story.

  5. Alkibiades

    More like ‘zero intelligence’ rules. I know of kids in one school district that can get suspended if they make a gun out of their thumb and forefinger and point it at another student. When I expressed my disgust at this stupidity, the two women telling me the story told me I didn’t understand. Yeah, I understand, you’re raising your boys to be pussies.

  6. curiepoint

    Zero tolerance policies on a public level are akin to Naziism in my opinion. On a personal level, it’s fine as anyone has the right to define and defend what they believe. At worst, it can make someone look like an ass hat. At a policy level, it just reeks of concentration camp rules.

  7. It’s what I’ve been saying all along-
    zero tolerance = zero brain cells.

  8. Dave from Hawaii

    Hey gants…where ya been lately?

  9. rebel

    I think that public schools have a mandate to turn all male students into criminals.

    This will, in turn, generate billions of dollars for the justice industry.

    It all makes sense when you interpret it this way. That’s why complaining about this situation will only make it worse: it signals the Elite that their plan is indeed working.

    Nothing we can do about all that, so , we might as well forget about it and move to something more interesting for men. We must consider women as lost to us.

    We no longer have to work in oder to protect our society. In fact, it will soon be considered criminal to love your homeland.

    The feminist movement, worldwide, is totally dedicated to the destruction of human society.

    So, why bother?

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